Finding the Right Baby Bottle is Priceless


Once upon a time I gave birth to the most perfect baby girl. Everything about her was amazing. She was a great sleeper. She loved to snuggle. She was the picture of health. There was only one thing that held back our blissful baby experience a bit. She refused to take a bottle. With both my kids I was a breastfeeding mom who wanted the option to bottle feed as well. My son took to the breastfeeding / baby bottle combo like a champ. That meant my hubs could pinch hit for some feedings while I caught up on my sleep.


That wasn't exactly the case for my daughter. She occasionally, and quite begrudgingly, took the bottle for her first months and then one day, she just said nope! I'm done. She would cry and cry when we attempted to give her a bottle, so eventually I just gave up. It wasn't worse all the fussiness it brought out in here. Looking back, I'm wondering if she turned her nose up at bottles because they were uncomfortable for her. Where was the Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottle back when I needed it? Haha! Did you know that babies who are fed with this bottle are 60% less fussy at night?


Not only does this powerhouse baby bottle have anti fussiness powers, but babies who use it tend to show less symptoms of colic. Its built-in venting system helps keep air out of baby's delicate tummy. A gassy baby is an uncomfortable baby...and nobody wants that, least of all a harried mama! But don't take my word for it, check out this video from actress, and mom of a colicky baby, Sarah Chalke. She breaks down all the benefits of the Philips Avent Anti-colic Bottle!

Catch up with Philips Avent at their website and on Facebook and Twitter to stay in the loop on finding the right bottle to fit your baby's needs! I'm guessing that a bottle that breaks down and cleans up this easily is a fit for moms mamas. Haha!

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