Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes from zoe b


Finding safe plastic dishes for kids isn't easy. There's a lot of controversy about melamine, so I try to stay away. I just found out about zoe b organic, a company that makes dishes from corn, not petroleum. Dishes made by zoe b look and feel like ordinary plastic, but they aren't. That's why they call them Fantastic Anti-Plastic Dishes.

Without BPA and phthalates, there are no yucky toxins to leach into our food. Corn is also renewable, unlike petroleum, so that's another reason to feel good about zoe b. We know you care about what you feed your children. You might even make your own baby food, but what about what holds the food you give your kids.

Okay, here's even another reason to choose Fantastic Anti-Plastic. I love the sophisticated colors and organic shape of the plates, bowls and cups. Plates and bowls easily stack to save space in your drawer. The eye catching dishes are cute enough to keep on a shelf. I think they're fantastic. Plus, they look super modern and colorful--kids love them as much as moms love what went into making them.


Dishes by zoe b can be washed in the dishwasher, but please don't microwave. A set includes plate, bowl and cup for $15.99 or buy the dishes separately. Shop zoe b organic to find out more and let us know if you buy these.

Stay tuned for my review of zoe b's Fantastic Anti-Plastic Beach Toys, coming in the spring! For more ideas on where to to get the best feeding products for babies, visit our Momtrends Must-Haves Feeding page. We've rounded up the best feeding gear and made it easy for you to shop for baby. Add these to your registry!

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