Enjoy The Outdoors With Baby

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We've been spending as much time as possible outdoors before school starts up again. That means taking my preschooler and toddler to the local parks. I always tote along a blanket, toys, towels, diaper change kit and snacks--not to mention sunscreen.

I found a few things to make my life easier on these adventures.First I use Shady Day SPF 30 Daily Sun Protection Wipes before we leave and also as touch ups after water play.These sunscreen wipes have ample "juice" in them to cover a child's body. I adore the no mess application. I've recently tested the MD MOMS Baby Silk - Babysafe Sunscreen Towelettes SPF 30and found them to be rather dry--which makes me wonder if I am putting enough lotion on. I ended up adding a layer of liquid sunscreen negating the time-saving and effortless benefits of the wipes. I'll stick to Shady Day from now on.

We then gather up all our gear in a new bag from Chic Tots. The Chic & Cozy Travel Bag is a generous carry all that slips over your shoulder or stroller. When undone it transforms into a blanket for mom and baby. The blanket is lined with plush terry on one size and a cotton print on the other. We had plenty of room for all out needs. I had a bit of trouble getting the sides to close up super-tight. So I wouldn't put my cell phone or wallet inside for fear that small things would drop out, but for all the other gear this is a perfect solution. The blanket measures 29" x 38" and is machine washable. (On Sale $49.95)

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