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Back to school means time to stock the closets and cabinets. Yep, we've been enjoying our time at the pool and park, but I don't want to miss out on helping you all make the best decisions for your family.

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Eco Store sent me some baby products to test out. My little one has light eczema and I am super-cautious about what goes on her skin. I went to check out the "No Nasty Chemicals" page and was impressed with the work that goes into leaving all the nasty stuff out.

First up was the Goat's Milk Soap. It's a blend of chamomile and lavender and left the girls squeaky clean. I was blown away that the price was $4 per bar. Many of the other fancy baby soaps would sell for double the price and aren't half as nice.

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Then I put the Baby Moisturiser ($10) on--we use a prescription treatment on occasion and I really liked the rich smooth application of this lotion. Water, olive and jojoba oils were right up at the top. The smell was subtle and didn't interfere with her baby yumminess.

The site is packed with green goodies for your home, grown up skin and pets. And now is a great time to shop. has some Back to School savings going on. Buy $50 of product and they will match the order...basically buy one and get one free. Enter promotion code: 2for1 on your order.

Momtrends was given this product for testing purposes only. EcoStore did not pay for this review.

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