Chewbeads: Fashionable and Non-Toxic Jewelry for Moms

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Chewbeads is genius. They have stylishly solved a problem for moms. My mom has a great story she'll share with you. It's about how I ruined her life by pulling a hoop earring out of her ear and ripping her earring hole. I love that story. Not.

It's no secret that babies love jewelry. It's their go-to grabby thing while you're holding them, breastfeeding them, picking them up out of the crib, sitting next to them, cuddling them. I know a lot of women, myself included, who just stopped wearing jewelry altogether when the roving hands of their little ones found the bling. Not only could it end up hurting you (Exhibit A: my mom's earring hole), but more importantly the jewelry could have small parts that break apart with each little chomp or be covered in something that isn't exactly healthy (think lead, chemicals, etc).

Lisa Paige came up with Chewbeads, a fashionable jewelry for chic moms who don't want to give up their accessories. She created soft, non-toxic jewelry that's colorful, chic and, above all else safe. We love the bold bright colors of this Perry Chewbeads Teething necklace. Chic isn't it?

chew beads

Chewbeads have been thoroughly tested by a global CPSC accredited laboratory to assure they won't break apart or detach in a baby's mouth. And when you look at them, they really do look like plastic or resin beads. But they're actually made of 100% silicone, similar to pacifiers and nipples. They're free of everything--BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium or lead. They also have a breakaway clasp for safety, because nothing says bonding better than a child who's strangling his/her mommy with a fashionable necklace.

What's your style? Do you like the chic blacks and grays of Greenwich (top right) or perhaps the cheerful smaller blue hues of the Bleeker (middle right)? There are also the Cornelia bead bracelets or the Charles bangle (bottom right), in fun colors like spiced wine, punchy pink and creamsicle among others.

So although I can't vouch for your ear holes, I can now safely say you can hang onto your accessories. Because with Chewbeads, your babies can also hang onto them. For REAL things to feed your baby, check out our Must-Haves for feeding baby. 

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