bugaboo donkey review

bugaboo donkey review

Time for a Bugaboo Donkey review. A few years ago (2011) we got to test the new Bugaboo Donkey convertible stroller. This isn't our official Momtrends review--it's a teaser of sorts. Most of the information on the Donkey is still under wraps. As for now we can tell you that the new stroller is a side-by-side set-up. Expect the sleek Bugaboo styling and attention to detail...and the Bugaboo price tag. The Donkey will start north of $1,000 and fully outfitted will price out in the $1600-range. Is it worth the hefty price tag?

That is to be decided. But let me say this--the technology is mighty cool. The Donkey starts out as a standard single stroller with a cool side basket (serves as a shopping basket or a spot to tuck your diaper bag). The width will be about the same as the Cameleon. Then when you are ready for baby #2 you open a few hinges, push a button and expand the Donkey into a side-by-side double stroller. It can hold two infant car seats, or two bassinets (moms of multiples rejoice!) and has full recline capabilities and the seats can be front or rear facing.

We really appreciated meeting with the lead designer of the Donkey and learning about the testing process. Bugaboo hooks the strollers up to treadmills and tests them for miles and miles. Impressive. We'll hold our final judgment until late spring. That's when the new strollers arrive in stores and we'll get our official review model.

bugaboo donkey review

UPDATE: Bugaboo Donkey Review

Donkey in single-mode fits through standard doors, but it should be noted that this stroller will NOT fit through most brownstones in Brooklyn when expanded. After some consideration, we think Mountain Buggy is the better bet for double strollers. This stroller is hard to justify when it comes to price.

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