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Syncing Your Style: Breastfeeding Accessories


As a breastfeeding mama, there are certain items that make the process more comfortable, more convenient and definitely more stylish. Last month I brought you my favorite nursing intimates, and I have also covered the essentials a breastfeeding mama needs. Here are some of my favorite breastfeeding accessories, perfect to give (or gift to) any nursing mama the confidence and support she needs throughout her committment to feeding her lil babe.

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Bravado Designs: Any mama that plans on breastfeeding needs to arm herself with supportive, attractive and well-fitted tanks and nursing bras. I lived in my Bravado Designs tanks before baby girl arrived, and now that I am a full-time nursing mama, they are still my go to. Not only are the tanks comfortable, they are stylish not frumpy and provide ample support and easy access for no stress nursing.

Juno Blu: Carrying around your Breast Pump has never been more discreet or fashionable. The Juno Blu Breast Pump Bag has all the function you need to take along your breast pump wherever you go without advertising that you're carrying about your breast pump. With collapsible inner parts, the Juno Blu bag instantly goes from your breast pump carry-all to a fashionable every day tote. It has two fashionable carrying styles, and plenty of room to double as a carry-all tote or even diaper bag. I used my Juno Blu bag for weeks before I even gave birth and loved the roomy insides and stylish color.

Lansinoh: Known for supporting moms throughout their efforts to breastfeed, with products like "Soothies Gel Pads"-a new nursing mamas's Must-Have. Lansinoh has a new product that I feel is essential to all nursing moms. The Therapearl 3-in-1 Breast Therapy can be used hot to unplug ducts or deal with mastitis or cold to relieve engorgement, swelling or pain. I'm finding it quite useful as an aid while pumping. it helps reduce the time I spend pumping which is great for any mama but would be very useful for those pumping on a tight schedule or in the workplace.

Poncho Baby: Looking for a soft, 100% muslin nursing cover that serves several purposes? Made in the USA, Poncho Baby has you covered-literally! Whether you're looking to block out distractions for breast or bottle fed babies, want privacy while nursing or need an extra layer while pumping, Poncho Baby's unique front and back cover design provides you with the coverage you need. available in five soothing colors, in a soft reversible fabric that's comfortable no matter what the climate.

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Punkin Wrap: For a versatile, colorful and oh so sweet nursing cover, we love the mom-invented Punkin Wrap. The punkin wrap is designed to provide you with ample coverage while nursing baby (easy to use neck strap) but works just as well as a stroller blanket, car seat sunshade/cover or protective wrap for baby. The included "punkinlinks" help convert the chemical-free nursing cover to be used as needed and the handy matching pouch keep the wrap clean and compactly stowed when not in use.

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Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bag: Stylish accessories can make any new mama feel her best especially while transitioning into her post baby body. For nursing mamas, lugging an unattractive breast pump bag is a not so gentle reminder of where function trumps fashion-until now. Sarah Wells (a mama!) created a fashionable, functional and easy to tote breast pump bag that allows nursing mothers to stow their pump in discrete style. I love how the bag has an equestrian feel, very classic and timeless. It is definitely a bag I plan to use whether packing my pump or not. The size is just right to hold all I need without being overwhelming or heavy and screams stylish mama not here's my breast pump!

Tommee Tippee: For a compact, easy to use electric breast pump, Tommee Tippee has my vote. I have tried at least four pumps this time around and I have not been satisfied with something on each of them. either they have been too bulky, too expensive, too noisy or just too uncomfortable. The double electric pump from Tommee Tippee ticks all of my boxes at an affordable price point. I like everything about it from the size, the noise output level (not too loud/obvious) the way it packs up so neatly (it is only three convenient pieces) and how effectively (and painlessly!!) it gets the job done. I love the unique feature of the timer and digital clock. I think that would be especially helpful to moms that need to pump at work or on the go. The Tommee Tippee Double Electric Breast Pump system comes with everything a mama would need to efficiently transport, pump and store breast milk.

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