Looking for a unique gift for an upcoming baby shower or to celebrate a new mom? We're loving love these boxes from Bluum, Inc., a monthly subscription box that includes goodies for baby and mom. They make a great gift for moms or moms-to-be.

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Who Needs Bluum Box?

Geared for pregnant moms-to-be up to parents of 4-year-olds, the Bluum Box arrives every month packed with 4-6 new, full-sized goodies like toys, snack, skincare products, books and apparel customized to your child's development, age and gender. 

Got a baby who has mastered grabbing or crawling? Log in to your Bluum account to check off milestones she's met so your next box can be updated based on your child's most recent abilities. We love that they also include goodies for mom too! We like surprises too!

This box will save you so much time and effort matching the right goodies to your child.

What's in a Bluum Box Subscription

Bluum boxes comes in 4 different in developmental levels:

  • bluum pregnancy (for expecting moms)
  • bluum baby (newborn up to 12 months)
  • bluum toddler (13 months and up).
  • Preschool box available for bluum kids up to 4 years old

These would make the perfect baby shower gift for an out-of-town friend or a way to show that you're thinking about a mom-to-be. Boxes are as low as $20.99 a month and can be bought as a one-time gift or sent as a monthly subscription. (On your first time to the site, you'll be offered 50% off your first month too!) Click over to try a Bluum box today!

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