Best Prenatal Workouts

Best prenatal workouts

The way our body's bounce back after we have baby often has more to do with what we did to keep in shape and eat right before and during pregnancy than it does with what we do postnatally. It is important not to overdo it during pregnancy, to eat right and to always consult a physician before starting a new exercise routine. Their are gentle and effective ways to stay healthy and relaxed for every level of fitness. Here are our picks for some of the best pregnancy workouts that will help you get your pre-baby body back quicker. 

Dia Method for prenatal and postnatal exercise

The Dia Method founded by Leah Keller takes you through this new approach to fitness that was primarily developed as a pre and postnatal total body workout, but is becoming more and more popular with women and men wanting to correctly train their abdominal muscles to achieve a firm, flat and toned stomach. The Dia Method reinforces the strength, resilience and elasticity of both the linea alba and the rectus abdominis - areas of our tummies mostly changed by carrying a baby for 9 months. Separated into 9 DVD for the Prenatal: Bellyguard and 9 DVDs for the Postnatal system I like that these DVDs are effective in only short 10 minute workouts. Created to keep moms safe and strong through pregnancy and beyond, these DVDs also come with a resistance band. As the Dia Method mentions, its never too late to get flat abs! The postnatal DVDs are now part of my rotation of DVDs even though I had my last baby 2 years ago.

@Home with Hilaria Baldwin: Fit Mommy-to-Be Prenatal Yoga is the effective workout from popular New York City yoga instructor and EXTRA Lifestyle Correspondent Hilaria Baldwin. These 3 workouts created for all stages of pregnancy go on sale October 1, 2013. Having recently given birth to her first child with husband and actor Alec Baldwin Hilaria says, "This yoga practice that I’ve designed has kept me fit and feeling great throughout my pregnancy."

hilaria baldwin fit mommy to be prenatal yoga

With yoga moves focused on aligning your body, strengthening and de-stressing, their is also the added bonus of partner stretches featuring Hilaria’s husband, Emmy®-winning actor Alec Baldwin.

If you are a pregnant mommy to be in New York City then you can head to the Yoga Room. They offer over 150 yoga, pilates and wellness classes every week in Astoria and Long Island City. Their prenatal yoga classes focus on breathing and meditation to help ease pregnancy, delivery, and the after effects of birth. Classes provide a safe, peaceful and supportive environment for expectant mothers and are a wonderful way to connect with other mothers-to-be. You can also check out the yoga room for mommy and baby yoga classes to help both you and baby relax.

Another option in New York city are the prenatal classes offered at Physique 57. Most classes can be modified for pre and post natal women. What's unique about Physique 57 is that they also offer online workouts. You can visit their website to read up more on the signature Physique 57 classes modified to the individual as well as to see a class schedule.

prenatal classes at Physique 57 New York City

And if you are looking for something to help you out on the go and offer tips and advice as opposed to a full workout routine, then the new app from Anita Maternity may be up your alley. MUM2B guides and supports you through this exciting time and helps you with weekly tips. You'll receive valuable information on how to stay in shape during your pregnancy and how to get back in shape after childbirth. You can carry your own personal diary, add photos and texts and share it on Facebook and Twitter. Head to Anita Maternity to find out more about the app and a contest they have running til September 30 to celebrate the launch.

anita mum2b app for pregnant women

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