Best Designers for Baby Gear

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Spring is here. All around New York we are shedding our coats and embracing the new season. This has inspired us here at Momtrends to focus on all the fresh designs available for parents and their hip kids. I'm thrilled to say these products and fashions are almost exclusively dreamed up by parents! We're going to be sharing trends in fashion, furniture, treats for mom and much more. So log on and absorb the fruits of our labor.

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The first find (and our April contest) was unearthed at a trade show. Bibs & Match was dreamed up by a clever mom with a fine sense of style. As Molly tells it, normal bibs were driving her crazy. They never stayed put and were ruining the look of all her sons' adorable outfits. She sewed a bib that seamlessly segues into the accompanying onesie. The patent-pending snapsuit bib system is genius. The fashionable bib attaches to the onesie with snaps creating a fun mix-and-match outfit.

The options are cute monsters, sweet sayings and yummy desserts. Molly says, "I figured for the most part of the first year a baby really lives in his bib, so why not incorporate creative designs?" The colors are unisex for now--there will be fresh looks to come his summer. The three-piece set comes with a onesie and two coordinating bibs. $28 There's also a special "PaciLoop" attachment to keep those wayward suckers from disappearing when you need them most. $5

With inventions like this, we're wondering: What will clever moms think of next?

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