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Belly Casting by Brooklyn Baby Bumps


I had one of the best assignments by far as a contributor for Momtrends...getting my pregnant belly casted! My whole experience started about three months ago, I met with the artist Christina Justiz of Brooklyn Baby Bumps in her hip studio in Bushwick, Brooklyn to get my cast done. I wasn't too sure what to expect, but the process of the actual casting was quite quick and easy. Before the plaster, I lathered up my belly with Stretch Salve & Growing Belly Balm, which is a carrot based all natural cream made for stretch marks and scars. Next, the actual casting process only took about 20 minutes or so. The whole time I was super relaxed and enjoyed every minute of it.

belly casting

belly casting

Brooklyn Baby Bumps believes by casting the pregnant belly you create a piece of sculpture art that is unique to you. The words, drawings, and colors that emerge from that casting are a snapshot of your pregnancy, and your hopes and dreams for the baby you're carrying. The transformation that the female body goes through during pregnancy represents the strength and the flexibility of women.

Belly casting

Belly casting

Afterwards, Christina asked what type of design I wanted, but I left the entire design process to her. She suggested we add my two children's handprints, that way I'll have a piece of art with all three of my babies on it. About a month later Christina came to my home so we can get a handprint of the kids. My kids had the best time on this project and I was so happy to have them involved in this process. Finally, after two months I was able to see the finished work of art. Both my husband and I stood completely speechless when Christina revealed the finished piece. The craftmanship and dedication that she put into it was truly incredible. I am so happy to have this work of art forever.

If you are thinking of having your belly casted, I would strongly recommend it. I am sad I do not have one for each of my children now. But this is something I will cherish forever!

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Momtrends was not compensated for this post but did receive a complimentary belly casting. 

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