BabyNes: A Better (and Easier!) Way to Bottle-Feed Baby


I wasn’t home when my brand-new BabyNes machine was delivered to my front door... And, so, I was a bit confused when my husband texted me the following message: “Your ‘Baby Keurig’ has arrived.”

babynes system

Well, it turns out my husband’s reaction is a fairly standard one. Many people do, in fact, initially compare the BabyNes to the one-cup on-demand coffeemaker. But once you move passed the surface similarities, the two machines couldn’t be more different—besides the obvious fact that one yields formula for Baby and the other, coffee for Mama! (Although, I once poured formula into my coffee cup and coffee into my little one’s bottle... It’s insane the things sleep deprivation will make you do at 5 AM. And, yes, I realized just in time.)

Thankfully, BabyNes eliminates the potential for Mommy Brain-induced human error. It makes the perfect bottle for Baby each and every time—the right temperature (pre-set between 77 and 104 degrees) and the right portion at the simple touch of a button. Each capsule has a unique barcode resulting in a precisely measured bottle, so there’’ no more guess work, no more risk of overheating, no more shaking, no more lumps, and no more hassle. I can literally hold and soothe the baby while making a bottle—it’s like walking and chewing gum, but easier!

making a bottle with babynes

There’s also pretty much zero cleanup required with BabyNes. (Can’t say that about your fave coffee machine, now, can you?) The formula doesn’t actually touch the machine, so it remains hygienic; and all you have to do is rinse and change the water tank. Yes, even I can handle that.

babynes formula machine

Convenience aside, I feel good about giving my baby formula from BabyNes—because there’s so much science behind the brand. BabyNes provides staged nutrition that evolves with my growing Baby. I want her to thrive, and BabyNes is helping her get what she needs when she needs it.

babynes drinking bottle

As a conscientious mom, I was relieved to learn that each BabyNes capsule contains a filtration system to eliminate bacteria from the water. The hermetic seal also helps preserve the nutritional quality of the formula powder and protect it from outside contamination.

It’s pretty much as seamless and simple as bottle-making gets. If I can’t mess this up— while practically sleepwalking to the BabyNes machine at the crack of dawn—no one can… Simplicity for an exhausted mama and better nutrition for Baby—it’s a win-win.

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