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Baby Sign Language Teaching Kit

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Baby Sign Language

It is amazing what a baby can learn. Baby Sign Language is an amazing way to communicate with your wee ones. It is also incredibly frustrating what they can't tell us. With my older daughter, I vividly remember her pointing at her water cup only to start crying when I gave it to her. She then continued to point where I realized she was indicating for her toy that was next to the cup. This song-and-cry was played out for several months until her vocabulary finally increased. But as you can imagine it was a long and frustrating journey.

This time around with my second daughter I am doing things very differently and I want to be able to communicate with her in a way that I never did with my older daughter. I have been researching techniques like sign language and recently had the chance to use the tools and resources from Baby Sign

Started two years ago, was developed to teach parents and teachers how to communicate with their babies. This includes a Deluxe Baby Sign Language Kit with a Baby Sign Language Book, DVD, Flash Cards a graphic dictionary with over 600 words and a colorful wall chart.

To start I looked over the colorful wall chart with 22 common phrases like 'mom,' 'dad,' 'bed,' 'bath,' 'milk,' and 'water' (to name a few) by myself so I could get used to the signs. To also get the idea of signing familiar in my house I posted the sign in my daughter's nursery where we all could look at it and learn a little each day.

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After a few uses, I then sat with my baby and pulled out the Baby Sign Language Flash Cards that includes both a picture of an item on one side and a character with two-step hand signals so that you can practice the signs on the other. With over 52-full color cards, I loved how the cards covered tons of signs from flower to tiger and how interested my baby was as we were going through the signs. It was also fun to do this with my older daughter who has started to practice with me as a new way to communicate and talk to her sister.

When I wasn't using the cards I practiced on my own with the Baby Sign Language Guide Book that included a quick start guide with the F.R.E.E method to help you stick with the plan (Fun, Repeat, Encourage and Expand), advanced methods with how to use toys and flash cards, signing phrases like manners and even a section on how to tame the terrible twos with how to avert tantrums and how to listen through signing. Each section was filled with short and information-rich paragraphs so that you can master how to sign and practice. Additionally, I have been using the Baby Sign Language Dictionary with over 600 signs including common words, the alphabet and numbers. This is a fantastic resource that I can't wait to use as my baby develops her sign language skills.

In addition to the kit, I have also been loving the website that is packed with resources with starter signs, a blog and steps to get started including fun tips like 'have fun with your baby,' 'learn with repetition,' and 'babies make approximations, instead of proper signs.'

Although at six months she hasn't mastered the signs (yet), I love how she has an interest and looks at me as I talk and indicate meanings with my hands. I also love how signing has become a fun bonding activity that all three of us are enjoying as we as learning a new way to communicate, express ourselves and share our thoughts.

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