Baby Deedee: Practical and Stylish Sleep Nests for Baby


I loved the early months with my baby when I was able to swaddle her and keep her warm and snuggled. Now that she is seven months old, she moves all around all over the crib (and everywhere else) where I have been using the baby deedee, a comfortable sleep sack that keeps her warm and cozy.

Created by Dominique de Bourgknecht who was in search of the perfect sleep sack for her son, Adrian (also know as baby deedee), she couldn't find any comfy, well-designed versions that matched her vision. So she designed her own, and nine months later the baby deedee sleep nest was born!


This wearable blanket features a contemporary and stylish look so that a baby can be warm without having any loose blankets (which is not recommended in cribs by the American Academy of Pediatrics). Available in the colors dream blue, khaki, white, dream pink and cookies and cream, the high-quality sleep nests are constructed from 100% cotton for maximum breathability that was also incredibly soft and gentle on my baby's skin. I also enjoyed its quilted duvet material that is designed to provide an extra layer of warmth.


While testing out the baby deedee, I loved how easy it was to use - there were no complicated straps or buttons that I had to fumble with - essentially you just place your baby in the nest by removing the shoulder straps and zip up the nest. I also found the cocoon shape to be extremely unique, which provided a cozy environment that really helped my baby to feel secure. I was amazed that it actually helped her to sleep better and longer, which has been an issue I have been trying to figure out.

I also really appreciated the style of the baby deedee and its contemporary look that is perfect for the modern mom. Available in two styles and three sizes - the original, a soft cotton quilted version and the lite version made of a double-layer of cotton jersey, ideal for warmer climates, the baby deedee is perfect to provide your baby with comfort, safety and the best yet: a better and more restful sleep.

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