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Baby Bath Time With Puj

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I am a huge fan of Puj (pronounced: pudge) products. The Puj company designs products for parents. Their purpose is to make your life easier by simplifying parenthood. As parents, we know how rewarding parenting can be. I used their infant bathtub with my second child just loved it so much I toted it everywhere I went. Not to mention gave it to every new mom as a gift. The Puj Tub is a must have necessity when having a baby. The non-slip materials they use to make the tub wraps around your baby, keeping your little one cradled and protected was just brilliant. So when I heard that Puj came out with a new product called the Puj Snug, we immediately had to test it out.

Puj Snug

The Puj Snug is an ultra soft spout cover for your bathtub faucet. The Puj Snug spout cover provides the ultimate in protection for children during bath time. The soft material flexes to fit a variety of faucets. It's also non-absorbent which means no mildew! And is made from recycled materials. As a busy mom, I usually bath both kids together which can tend to get a little crazy at times. And I am always cautious about them banging their heads on the bathtub faucet. But with the Puj Snug, bath time has become a little more ease.

The Puj Snug comes in three colors: aqua blue, white and kiwi. The product retails for $15. Also check out Puj's other new products such as their Unos and Flyte. For more information visit

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