Baby Bath Essentials for the Nursery


Outfitting baby's first room includes tending to the little accessories, such as bath products. To get to the very best advice on how and when to bathe baby, I went to Dr. Jason Rubin.

Dr. Rubin is Belli's founding physician and resident medical director. Dr. Rubin and his wife Annette started Belli's Baby as an extension of their hugely popular maternity line. Just like the mommy products, Belli scrutinizes every ingredient in their baby line. Dr. Rubin is quite proud to state that Belli Baby's products are teratology screened. What does this mean? "We screen each ingredient to make such none of them have ever been lined to birth defects in medical studies," says the doctor.

Dr. Rubin also weighed in on the recent dust-up over phthalates in baby products. Unlike some of the competing brands, Belli Baby is phthalate -free. "Studies have shown that if you apply too much estrogen you can decrease testosterone levels, have abnormal development of the testes, and decreased sperm levels. In females, there is a suspicion that this will cause puberty to come on faster," says Rubin.

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In addition to keeping an eye out for harmful chemicals, Dr. Rubin had some additional skincare tips for parents.

  1. Look for natural surfactants (cleansers) and avoid synthetic fragrances and dyes.
  2. Don't bathe baby too often as it can dry out skin, but do be sure to keep the diaper area very clean.
  3. Use baby lotion every time you bathe baby to lock in moisture after the bath.
  4. Skip the talc-it's been linked to sever respiratory problems.

A simple way to get all these bases covered is with the Belli Baby Gift Set. The set includes a body wash, lotion and talc-free powder, and washcloth tucked into an adorable zippered pouch. $32

And don't forget to wrap baby up in something warm and welcoming. I like the cupcake organic hooded towel from Kee-Ka. The huge towel is fluffy and has a hooded spot perfect to dry baby's head. $50

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