Aqua Scale: Luxury Tub for Baby


It's really amazing how quickly babies grow. My almost eight-month-old baby is scooting around the house and starting to stand. I am amazed by these milestones and love that we have regular well visits where I can just how much that is charted through her weight and height. Since we now go to the pediatrician about every two months I am very curious as to how big she is getting. Enter the Aqua Scale, an innovative 3-in-1 tub that weighs your baby at home while also functioning as a sturdy tub.


How it works is simple. With just the touch of a button you can learn the weight of your baby while also giving them a bath in a sturdy tub. This BPA-free tub can be set to pounds, ounces or kilograms as it stores previous weights for reference. I loved using this and tried it way to often (as in daily) as I noted my baby's weight. It was super easy to use as I could chart her weight - with or without water - in between our visits to the pediatrician.

The weight function is certainly innovative, but I also loved the sturdy and anti-slip tub that securely supported by baby. Since I bath both of them together, I loved that it was supportive and firm and that it can last until she is 24 months (or up to 44 pounds). The tub also has an insert that can easily be removed and converted into a toddler tub when your baby is six months old.

In addition to being a tub and a scale, the Aqua Scale has a built-in thermometer that monitors the temperature of the water. I loved this function, which allowed me to see (and not just feel) if the water is too hot, or too cold for baby.

A unique product that is also functional, the Aqua Scale is a great tub, thermometer and scale for moms who the convenience to chart their baby's growth while also providing them with an incredibly comfortable tub.

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