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While I love babies and find motherhood to be a source of wonderment, I found breast feeding to be a bit cumbersome and, at times, embarrassing. Yes, yes, I know it's the most natural thing on earth for a mother to feed her baby breast milk, but come on ladies, let's leave something to the imagination please.

breastfeeding cover

To keep things under wraps, I'll definitely be stashing a Bebe au Lait nursing cover in my diaper bag for #2. Made of 100% cotton the covers come in more than a dozen modern prints. To use: Simply connect the neck strap around your neck and drape the fabric over your breast and baby. The covers are machine washable and measure 35" x 26", when neatly folded they fit into a very compact space.

Splash out on a fun print like the Blomst or the Hot Dots as a treat to yourself for doing the best thing for a healthy baby.

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