ProGrade VersaScan Talking Thermometer


Runny nose, sneezing - the cold and flu season is here. Each year up to 20% of people come down with the flu, with activity peaking in February, according to the CDC. We've had our fair share of illness and fever in my house and there is nothing I hate more than taking my older daughter's temperature. Always, being a fighter she wiggles and squirms and screams when I try to find out what her temperature is. To make my life (a little) easier, I have been using an innovative new tool by Safety 1stcalled theProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer.


With no sick children in sight I decided to test out the thermometer in hopes that my daughter would be less resistant. To set it up, I placed the batteries (they are included with the device) in the thermometer where I was then prompted to choose a language (you can pick either English or Spanish) and how you will read the temps (either Fahrenheit or Celsius). I was also able to add the date and time that quickly became my advanced temperature-taking machine. Within minutes it was set up and ready to use.

Using the actual thermometer was also a breeze that can be taken in the ear. I talked my daughter through the process, placed the device in her ear, pressed a button and within seconds her temp was taken. It provided both a reading via the device and a reading via a voice (this can be turned off). My daughter loved the talking function and actually asked me to try it again so she could hear it again. I was not only amazed at how easy going she was but also quickly it worked - enabling for no fighting or complaining.

In addition to taking temperatures from the body, the Safety 1st ProGrade VersaScan TALKING Thermometer has the ability to take the temperature of objects! So, you can check the temps of your child's bath water to food that you just cooked all within one-second.

The thermometer also includes other fantastic options such as a Fever Light'?¢ Ring that is indicated in red for high temperatures, a 30 memory recall for temperature and time, auto shut-off and low battery indicator.

Retailing for $39.99, this thermometer is worth the investment and not for the fact that it talks. Although that is a cool feature, it also allows you take everyone's temperature (not just the kids) as well as objects and I loved that it was quick and makes temperature taking painless. Now, that's the true value.

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