Baby's First Steps

baby steps

New parents often eagerly await baby's first steps. According to WedMd, the walking milestone should happen right around your child's first birthday.
Most babes are on their own time line and will hit the milestones like rolling over, pulling up and walking when they are ready.

If you have concerns, don't be shy! Share them with your pediatrician. It's always best to bring up any health and development issues as soon as you can. That being said, don't be frantic to keep up with the other babies in your mommy group. Some kids will walk at ten months, but not sway a word until age two. Trust that your child has special gifts and don't fret that you've missed out on having an Olympian just because your tot shows no interest in dancing until well after his first birthday.

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Most parents are satisfied to let nature take it's course--especially when children are early walkers and showing signs of mobility as early as nine months. If you want to encourage baby to get up an moving, I'd suggest placing interesting objects--toys, your smartphone, the remote--just out of the baby's reach on a soft object like a sofa or chair. We did this with our daughter and it inspired her to pull herself up and get going.

Prep the house: Get ready for these first steps when baby starts "cruising" or traveling around your home upright while hanging on to furniture. You'll want to start looking out for sharp edges on furniture and keep those counters and coffee tables clear of breakables.

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Footwear options: It's widely acknowledged that bare is best. Let your baby run around barefoot indoors to build up foot strength. When weather and safety require, opt for soft-soled shoes, such as Robeez or Pediped. There are 26 little bones in baby's foot--don't cram these developing bones into rigid shoes. According to the Pediped site, "around 70% of foot problems come from wearing the wrong footwear or ill-fitting shoes." Shop for a lightweight shoe made of breathable materials.

And one more tip--keep those little toenails trimmed. Nothing will take a baby off an a game like a ripped toe nail. So when you've got a sleepy baby remember to trim away for best foot health.

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