Voca People: A Musical at New World Stages

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Voca People is incredible! I had the pleasure of getting to see a sneak preview performance, and I was enthralled, impressed and fully entertained for the entire show. With a cast whose appearance resembles Blue Man Group (with the exception of bright red lips, Voca People are dressed in head to toe white costumes), and a performance that has been compared to a "Glee," Voca People is a unique, totally hip, and simply a smash of a show.

The premise behind Voca People is simple. The eight Voca People are seeking "ener-gia" in order to power their spaceship to head back home. Voca People are a group of friendly aliens that believe music is the source of life and of fuel. By performing the music of Earthlings, Voca People will spread joy and harmony and be able to head back home to their tiny planet beyond the sun.

Voca People is an a-capella singing, comedic, and beat-box infused performance like nothing you have ever seen. The entire show relies on the talents of the performers. NO instruments, set changes or scenery. They move around the stage in a syncronized manner, creating formations to accompany the over 70 a capella and beat box versions of the songs familiar to all, including Michael Jackson, Queen and Mozart.


Voca People uses audience participation, often grabbing unsuspecting participants from their seats. The theatre is intimate and the Voca People work the entire room by entering the aisles and singing directly to you as they gather enough power to get home.

Join Beat On, Scratcher, Tubas, Alta, Mezzo, Bari-tone, Tenoro and Soprana, the cast of Voca People on their 90-minute (no intermission) musical quest to gather "ener-gia" to make their much anticipated intergalactic trip back to Voca.

Created and directed by Lior Kalfo, with musical arrangements by Shai Fishman, Voca People is has already been a sold-out hit throughout Europe, South American and the Middle East. Voca People's NYC's off broadway performance kicks off its American debut.

Voca People: A Musical
Voca People is set to run until May 6
New World Stages New World Stages
340 W. 50th. Street
Click here for performances.
Tickets for Voca People range from $30-$79.50 with premium seating available.
For more information, please visit: VocaPeopleNYC.com.
Join the intergalactic fun by following them on twitter at @VocapeopleNYC .

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