Mommy Time Monday: Photography Tips

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Last month Nikon cameras treated me to a photo tour of NYC. Suzanne and Maria and I were outfitted with new cameras and set loose with a team of Nikon staff and photo pros. My quest? To step up my photography efforts. I admit to being less than gifted in this area so a class was just what the photo editor ordered.

My blogging partners already take amazing photos--so I simply tried to keep up (you can see what Suzanne from Momconfessionals did here). My photos are usually, well boring, that is unless I get photos supplied from a brand or PR agency and then they are usually, well boring (but professional). I figured what I learned at this class can help all of us as we blog and head out on vacation.

Our first stop was the Highline in NYC. Then on to the rooftop of the Gramercy Park Hotel. I'm always up for a learning experience, so here are a handful of tips for you before you start taking vacation pictures.

Tip 1: Get close. Details matter--especially when capturing a post about fashion or a vacation memory. I can almost hear the bees buzzing in the lavendar when I look at this picture.

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Tip 2: Shoot away...then edit like mad. I must have taken 100 photos at this event and I'm only happy with a handful. Lesson learned. Nothing is worse that seeing a boring post-vacation slide show. Be ruthless. If the photo bores you it is not a winner. This photo does not bore me!

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Tip 3: Take chances. This gorgeous shot inside the Gramercy Hotel was snapped without a flash. It looks mysterious rather than bland.

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Tip 4: Composition counts. I snapped tons of pictures of boring skylines, I liked this one best. It's got movement.

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Tip 5: Don't always ask for the smile. This is the one photo I didn't take. I love the expression--not quite a smile--he caught me off guard. And that's something to remember when you are photographing the kids--don't pose them.

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Momtrends was not paid for this post.

Nikon supplied a camera for the day, but I ended up mostly using my old Nikon D-80.

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