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Momtrends made a rainy day excursion to MoMA last week. It is the top contender for family friendly art. Why? Roomy, well-lit exhibits, flooded with light and expertly curated.

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Right now they've got Ron Arad. Kids love his groovy chairs and interiors--be sure to spend a minute or two chilling on the cushions outsidethe exhibit.

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The main reason to visit this week is Song Dong. Beijing-based artist Song Dong has an incredible installation that combine aspects of performance, video, photography, and sculpture. Here's the deal. he saved all of his mother's stuff that she amassed over fifty years. The assembled materials, ranging from pots and basins to old medicine, plastic bags, etc. My kids were fascinated by the battered toys and used up toothpaste. This is cool beyond belief. Ends Sept. 7!

Plus the permanent collection, plus the cafes, means a full day of art and fun.

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