Lip Elixirs

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Give the expecting mom in your life a little booze this New Year's--and do it guilt free with new Lip Exilirs. Between having to give up champagne and sushi, moms-to-be need little indulgences. These alcohol-free treats taste like the good stuff, but are an all-natural line of lip balms in a variety of mouthwatering cocktail flavors including Mimosa, Mojito, and more.

With the mighty snow storms and extreme temps we've been battling out East we think Lip Elixirs ($6.50 each) could come in handy with chapped lips. Kukui nut oil, aloe and cocoa butters blended with all-natural essential oils create this line of a non-greasy lip balms. Lip Elixirs hangover-free cocktail menu:

Mimosa: A light, refreshing citrus blend
Mojito: Perk up your pucker with the cool crisp tingle of spearmint.
Vanilla Bourbon: The irresistible warmth and comfort of all natural vanilla
Sassafras: The unique scent and taste of good old-fashioned root beer
Chocolate Martini: A blend of tempting chocolate with a unique twist of lavender

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