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Grégoire Gante

This proud papa turned to fatherhood for inspiration. Grégoire Ganter, a recovering MBA, gave up finance for photography--his true passion. The birth of his first daughter in 2003 inspired him to look for original decoration for her room. NYC proved to be one inspiring city.
The result was a series of photographic collages geared towards decoration and education. The work represents letter collages and individual letter art. (The indiviual 8 x 10 letters are $125 each) I'm crazy for his limited edition photography and hope to spread the word about his art. Here's the Momtrendsnyc scoop on Grégoire:

Where do you work/live?
I have lived in Tribeca since 2005 and work partially from home and from a studio in dumbo.

Favorite thing about your neighborhood?
I love the feeling of community in Tribeca. My kids and I can go to the local bakery, park or store and are pretty much guaranteed to run into friends or classmates. My kids both go to local schools and that helps foster that feeling as well. There is also a great proximity to great green spaces (Washington market park or Rockefeller park by the Hudson). And I just saw they installed an ice rink by the west side highway. For moms and dads and just in terms of convenience, it is also close to all subways so easy to the museums on the Upper East and West sides and to Brooklyn.

Best spot for an NYC playdate?
In the summer time there is a great park downtown called tear drop park. It has an enormous slide, and most importantly some very refreshing water features. It is nestled between 2 buildings and therefore also quieter than your average playground. We also love a new spot in Tribeca called Mooma - great for arts and crafts for kids and good coffee for the parents.

Must do activity for the kids during the holiday season?
Growing up in New York, my parents took me to see Alvin Ailey every year. They always come around around this time of year and for some reason it reminds me of the holidays. I am trying to institute that with my kids as well. We try to stay away from the crowds, but enjoy picking up a tree and decorating it with a mix of homemade decorations and some I grew up with.

Favorite children's illustrator?
I recall loving Where the Wild Things Are and anything by Richard Scarry as a kid. Right now, we're into Mo Willems- I like the mix of illustrations and "pictures" in the background.

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Where is the strangest place you found one of your letters?
Most of my images and letters come from the street, the side of buildings, walls or vehicles. I shot a few on Coney Island near the "shoot the freak" stand. That is not so strange in itself, but I remember being asked for money (not so nicely) after I took those (they had guns, fake I think). I guess some people are protective of their letters.

Where can parents see you work?
All of my work is viewable and for sale on my web site (gregoireganter.com). I also show in a gallery in Dumbo called Jan Larsen Arts on Pearl Street. My Lea's Alphabets collection is also represented in Dumbo at Pomme and in Manhattan in several small neighborhood stores (Capucine and Babesta Cribz in Tribeca, Les Petits Chapelais in Soho).

What are you working on next?
I am working on a large scale project that involves a few of my favorites things, notably photography, New York and maps.

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