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New Yorkers are made about the arts. We take out kids to the opera, start piano lessons at three and stroll newborns through MoMA and now LITTLE ARTISTS NYC. Little Artists NYC takes this well meaning parental guidance and turns art into an experience kids will love. They do in-home arts and craft classes as well as themed birthday parties. They'll work with just about any age--from toddlers to preteens in NYC.

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Nothing forced about this experience they are learning by doing. The best part: The gifted instructors come right to you. No more running wild to ANOTHER class. Each lesson includes all materials, project preparation, and full clean up. All materials used are age group appropriate, non-toxic, and water-soluble. Who knows, the next Jackson Pollack may be in our midst. I talked to founder, Amber Rodriguez, about art, kids and NYC.

Get to Know Little Artists NYC

Why did you open the business? I opened my business because I constantly found myself doing arts and crafts projects with my nieces, nephews, and many of my friend’s kids. I’m a “professional aunt!” I realized that when I did the projects from their home the children seemed to be more creative and expressive. And although the New York area offers an array of activities for children, I felt there was a need for specialized, creative, hands-on activities. But most importantly, I love working with kids and seeing the joy on their face when they are having fun creating something!

What do you love about working in NYC? New York has such an array of cultures, families, and individuals that it allows me to create specialized crafts according to an array of interests. I go into the family’s home and what I love about that is it’s a familiar environment where the child feels most comfortable.

Describe your art philosophy? My art philosophy is the best art is made while having fun! There is no wrong way to create anything. Art is an individual expression and as long as you are having fun, you can’t go wrong.

Favorite project for toddlers? A favorite project for toddlers would be paper plate animals. I have a variety of pre-cut animal silhouettes that toddlers can decorate with dot paint markers which is easy for them to handle. I also use oversized crayons and other oversized details to customize them. For toddlers, I incorporate easy to use tools such as mini rolling brushes and glue dots so they can much of it themselves.

Favorite party theme? A favorite party theme lately is the Pirate and Princess Party. It is great way to incorporate a creative, craft party for boys and girls. Some of the projects we do are pirate/princess hats, eye patches/ princess wands, and treasure chests/ jewelry boxes. At many parties I incorporate an interactive story time where we use the crafts that we just made. There is something for everyone and they have something they made to take home with them to remember the party.

What’s in the works? With summer in full swing, there are several new activities I’m doing geared for summer time, camp, and the outdoors. I am doing park craft play dates when the weather permits, where we take the fun outdoors. I am also planning a number of birthday parties that are going include a Rock Star Party, a Girl’s Slumber Party, and a Car Mania Party. I can’t wait! It’s going to be a fun summer!

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