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Tired of plain old seltzer? Bored with super sweet juices? Fizzy Lizzy may be the solution. This zippy drink combines natural fruit juices with a healthy dose of carbonated water for a refreshing drink. For many fans, once they'??ve tasted this beverage they quickly become enamored (count this writer as one of the believers). The bittersweet, bubbly drink is a great option for kids and adults alike at the holidays.

One day back in 1995, Liz Morrill was on a long bike ride with her go-to beverage: a blend of seltzer and grapefruit juice. Being a purist, Liz liked to mix her juice on site for maximum flavor. So she lugged a bottle of seltzer and a carton of juice on her rides. On one fateful bike ride Liz finally thought, '??There has to be a better way.'? An admitted foodie, Liz started tinkering in her kitchen and doing research. She soon began the march towards becoming an entrepreneur.

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Liz came up with a magic formulation--about 60% juice'??this makes them a lot less sweet than competing brands. What makes Fizzy Lizzy special and slightly addictive is that they dilute their juices with sparkling water. This cuts back on the sweetness and the sugars and calories. Founder & President, Liz Morrill says, '??Each flavor has a specific formula and the percentage of juice varies from flavor to flavor.'? Liz hopes that this healthy option will one day supplant traditional colas and sweet sodas. In my unscientific taste tests, I found the drinks to be hugely refreshing and to deliver a big whole fruit taste compared to competing brands.

This drink doesn'??t look or taste like other sodas--it comes in a clear glass bottle and it'??s very likely you'??ll see a sediment-like substance at the bottom of the bottle. That'??s pulp and other fruit products that comes from quality juice. Unlike other brands, Fizzy Lizzy doesn'??t use gums to suspend the pulp'??so the drink looks a little funky, but gives a great taste. Liz advises consumers to give the drink a gentle shake before drinking to get the juice well distributed in the bottle.

Whether you are counting calories or trying to control the sugar consumption for your kids, you might want to consider adding this beverage to your cart. What an excellent idea to liven up the holidays.

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