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Easy DIY Gift to Make with Kids


My parents both love a nice cuppa tea...And they REALLY love their grandkids, so I thought it would be fun to make a special gift for them with my lil’ lady bean. She’s two and becoming ever more active, so I try to have as many fun activities on hand that I can. Art supplies that she always gravitates to when we go into the craft cabinet are any kind of markers. They aren’t mama’s favorite as she tends to get them all over herself and her clothes, but sometimes rules are meant to be broken in the name of fun!

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My parents are the kind of folks that did not want to be called Grandma and Grandpa when my first child came along, so Mimi and Bud were born. Mimi and Bud have been really great about watching the kiddos when the hubs and I want to head out on a date night or even for a getaway, so I wanted to make them something special to say thank you. I settled on personalized mugs for them to enjoy their tea in.


Enter Elmer’s Painter’s. They’re basically paint in pen and marker formats. If DIYs aren’t so much your thing, never fear...anyone can use these. I picked up Painter’s Super Tip Paint Pen, Painter’s Neon Brights Paint Markers and Painter’s Bright Colors Paint Markers for our project. Why so many you ask? Because my creative little lady needed color options for her mugs of course. Haha!

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I really wanted this to be her project, so save for me writing my parent’s names with the Super Tip Paint Pen, she decorated the mugs all on her own. And the Elmer’s Painters couldn’t have been easier to use. She simply selected her shade of choice and colored away. And mama didn’t have to worry because the Painters are non-toxic. So, they’re safe to put on a mug and for a kiddo to use. Plus, they’re easy to clean. I was able to clean up anything she got on her hands and the table with a baby wipe! So, if you’re looking to make super easy DIY gifts this holiday season, keep Elmer’s Painters in mind!


Painters® Paint Markers are as fresh and fun as the projects they create! These colorful opaque acrylic paint markers are perfect for decorating, drawing and personalizing almost any surface.

Available in a variety of colors & tips, they are fast drying, permanent, streak-free, non-toxic & acid free. Express Yourself™! Follow Elmer's on Instagram & Pinterest.

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