Classic Kids in the Hamptons


A few months ago I tested out the Classic Kids photography studio on the Upper East Side. The session went by in a flash (ha,ha). Melissa was behind the camera with all her antics and kid-pleasing demeanor I didn't think we got much accomplished. The session seamed like too much fun and not enught "posing."

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Was I ever wrong. When I went back a few weeks later I was blown away by the results. Especially the way she caught all the yumminess of the baby (then 12 months old)--rolls, dimples and giggles. I know I will treasure these photos for life--they'll be one of the first things I grab in case of a fire (after the girls of course). Be warned: Good taste comes at a price. We were in for well over $2K after sitting fees, prints and framing. But oh was it worth it.

If in studio prints aren't your bag, good news...Classic Kids is hitting the road in August. We love the Hamptons as much as you do. So, you might just spot us there several times this summer! You can find them at Super Saturday on August 1st, and shooting on August 13th, 14th & 15th. Spaces are limited, so call 212.396.1160 for more details.

And here's another big deal: During the month of August only, they are offering "in studio" mini shoots for a base sitting fee of $185. This will cover a session of around 30-45 minutes and will include individual and group shots, as time permits.

Classic Kids Photography
1181 Lexington Avenue

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