Calorie Free Chocolate? Le Whif

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Calling all chocolate and coffee lovers! The latest trend in eating chocolate and drinking coffee has arrived! Le Whif, the first '??breathable food,'? was recently launched in the US at Dylan'??s Candy Bar in NYC where I met the clever inventors from Harvard and tested the product.

Skepticism was written all over my face as I listened to the founders talk about Le Whif and how it works, but by the time I left, I was sold. Le Whif is a cool lipstick-like device that is 100 % biodegradable and comes with its own storage case (sold separately). It delivers 8-10 puffs of microscopic-sized breathable tastes in chocolate, chocolate raspberry, chocolate mint (my favorite) and coffee. When I inhaled it for the first time it caught me off-guard, as the powder shot to the back of my throat and caused me to cough. NOTE: take small puffs and the particles will disperse on the insides of your mouth and front lip, as they were designed to do.

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The best part of Le Whif is that each '??whif'? contains 300mg of pure organic dark (47%) chocolate with less than one calorie and one coffee '??whif'? contains the equivalent of a single shot of espresso. Once you master the technique and get your head around experiencing chocolate and coffee through an inhalant, it is definitely a fast and economical way to satisfy a craving. Nothing will ever replace eating chocolate or drinking that hot cup of mocha, but Le Whif is a great supplement. Le Whif is currently available for purchase online at and in store at Dylan'??s Candy Bar in New York and Cardullo'??s in Boston. Le Whif retails for $3.00 per whif and $8.00 per 3 pack (for this price, it is worth a try).

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