Birthday Gift Card Ideas

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Who needs to shell out $3 for a b-day card for a ankle biter? Not me. For preschoolers, I like to keep it simple. Either make a homemade card. Enlist the help of the pint-sized. Here's how it works: crayons+construction paper=card. Or use one of these simple and frugal ideas.

I'm all for the elegant stationery for my girlfriends. I'll gladly spend $5 for an elegant card from Egg Press for a gal pal and spend a few moments personalizing the message. However, when I'm on the birthday party circuit for my daughters' friends, I keep things simple.

Write a message directly in a book.  Giving a 4 y.o. the latest Fancy Nancy Book? Personalize a little note inside the book. (I got this tip from

Go online and craft your own.  It's a bit of craft project, so print out a dozen or so while you are at it. I found this pdf and instructions at The Decorated Cookie.

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Order personalized sitckers from 15 stickers for $24--a pretty good value and this gift tag won't get separated from the gift.

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