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Staying Connected to the News with Umano

Unamo App

As a mom it can be challenging to be connected to the daily news. I try to read some of the morning papers online, but it isn't always easy. Enter Umano, an innovative app that you connects to current news and curated articles based on your interests. All articles and news are narrated to you by professional voice actors. To learn more about this app, we learned more from Oded Pelled, Umano's head of business development and strategic partnerships, who shared some insight into this unique platform.

Momtrends: How did you decide on the concept for Umano?

Oded Pelled: Umano was born when three friends who spent a lot of time commuting in the San Francisco Bay Area discussed ways to improve their drive. Their desire was to build an app that would make people's life better every day and enrich it with interesting information.

Momtrends: Who is your target audience for Umano?

Oded Pelled: Anyone who likes to consume content on-the-go or multitask (gym, errands, cooking, commuting). Moms make for a great audience because they have very busy lives. Whether it is taking kids to a soccer game or making them breakfast, it gets pretty tough to sit back and read a magazine or follow recent developments in
the news. Our users are able to multi-task and enrich themselves throughout the day with great curated content based on their interests.

Momtrends: How did you decide what newspapers/online resources to curate on Umano?

Oded Pelled: When we first started our goal was simple: focus on the most interesting online content independent of the source. Whether an article comes from a large publisher or an independent blogger, it can appear on Umano as long as it's particularly interesting and unique. This is why from day one we created an in-house editorial team that selects content on a daily basis.

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With the social aspect of our app (you can like or comment on any article) we really receive a lot of input from our listeners on the type of articles they find interesting which also helps us curate our content.

When we first started, our online content started with what we knew best: technology and entrepreneurship, but it quickly grew to cover all major categories of content like lifestyle, entertainment, etc. Today, we use social signals and our own in-house editorial team to pick the best content we believe our listeners would enjoy. Everyday content comes a variety sources from a small blog to a leading online publisher.

Momtrends: What does Umano mean?

Oded Pelled: "Umano" means human in Italian. We chose "Umano" since its representative of the fact that we hire real "human" people to narrate articles.

Momtrends: Any plans to expand on what newspapers/online sources are curated on the app?

Oded Pelled: We already have many leading publishers as our partners. We are continuing to work with them to pick the best content for our listens. Our partners list is growing daily so most likely there is already tons of great content awaiting to be listened to....

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