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Our Favorite Apps for Moms

Is it just me or does the new year seem to hit so fast and so furious? It seems like we went straight from the dreamy magic of the holidays into a full on whirlwind no? At least that's what's been going on in my house. From ballet to baseball and everything in between, mama's tired! So, I've been on the lookout for ways to make life just a little bit easier around here. Luckily there's an app for that! Haha! I mean there's an app for everything right?

In an effort to streamline my life, I've been looking into some new (to me) apps that could help me with everything from taking a moment to find my zen to tackling that dreaded mommy brain. So, I've rounded up a bunch of apps that we've featured right here on Momtrends that I think could help you this year too!


Trello To Do App

Do you have a seemingly endless to do list? This mama sure does. I have them running at all times...all over the place. Work to dos, house to dos, kid to dos...It's a to dos for days kinda situation. Wouldn't you like to have everything organized in one place? This app can help you do that! I'm not saying goodbye to my trusty pen and paper quite yet, but it's comforting to know that I could have a solid back up system like this. I can't afford to have things fall through the cracks. We gotta keep those plates spinning right?

mommy brain

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Three Meditation Apps to Try

And on that positive space note...when I do take a turn toward negative town, it's typically because I've let my stress level get out of control. Like so many of us moms, I tend to power through and internalize my stress. I definitely need to do a better job about taking care of myself and taking the time I need to de-stress. One of my goals is to find a few moments each day to do a little meditation. Clearing my head is not easy for me as I'm forever thinking about what I need to do next, but I have a little help now thanks to the meditation apps we featured!

So, what are some apps that are helping you get it together in the new year?

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