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Must-Have Apps for 2012

Barring the loss of Steve Jobs, last year was an amazing time for technology. We were gifted with incredible applications or apps and for most of us who don't insist on lugging around our old flip phones, they are right at our fingertips. There were some exceptional ones and some you could have lived without. Here's our list of apps that should be on any (or all) of your devices this year.

Apps for Productivity: Dropbox


This fabulous app gives you 2.2GB of storage and let's you view your documents, photos and videos from your iPhone. One of the best features is when you save photos to Dropbox, they appear on all of your computers instantly. You can share via text, email, or a direct invite to your account. Convenient and free, this app is a definite "do" to manage files for your business as well as makes files easier to access.

LifestyleApps: ZocDoc


Sick? Stranded? No appointments available when you need it most? You won't need to stress about it ever again because this app has got you covered. Select what kind of doctor you need (primary care, allergist, orthodontist, etc.) and the reason for your visit. Then provide a zip code of where you'd like the doctor to be located. Select when you want to be seen and your insurance information, and you're all set. ZocDoc does all the work and finds doctors based off the information you provided who are all in your network. Read patient reviews and book an appointment. It's free and easy and you'll never have an excuse not to take care of yourself.

Best For Kids: Alien Buddies


Alien Buddies is a perfectly constructed children's app that is designed with a variety of games and levels to suit a range of ages from Preschool to Kindergarten that teach fundamental skills like number recognition, counting, and creative play. There are three games that feature the charming little aliens who guide your child while they practice listening and other fine motor skills. They will love the unique games and you'll love watching them enjoy learning. You'll also love that it's only $1.99. Our testers are 4 and 6 and believe us when we say they got hooked---or shall we say "abducted"?

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Guilty Pleasure: GILT


Okay, we know that the holidays came and went and we were definitely gifted with beautiful materialistic things. But where else can you find brand new gorgeous Charles Jourdan strappy shoes for $65?? GILT has created a stunning catalogue of items for men, women, children, and even your home by some of your favorite designers. Organized in neat little sections, find what you want for a super price. The app is free---even if you don't do any purchasing, skimming through the pictures could provide some inspiration.

Nerd Alert: Wild Friends


Wild Friends is a free app is perfect for the whole family. See interesting creatures and learn about their fascinating lives with stories, pictures, and links to videos. Ever hear of the Olm? Get onto Wild Friends to learn more.

Inspiration: StumbleUpon!


Browsing the web has never been more fun. StumbleUpon! is a free app that tailors the internet just for you. Select your interests from the choices they provide and you're off...and you won't want to stop. Page after page of stories, blogs, pictures, and music specifically for you appears right before your eyes. Don't like something that is suggested? Just give it a thumbs up/thumbs down (Pandora style) and you can either save it or make sure things never come up again.

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