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Nambé Jewelry Launch: Exclusively at Macy's

Nambe Jewelry Launch

This week I was able to get a look at the new Nambé jewelry launch. It's pretty exciting to see one of my favorite brands getting into the accessory business. And Macy's is the perfect spot--it's where style-savvy moms love to pop in to update their wardrobes.

I made plans to head to Macy’s Herald Square last week to check out the collection. Swoon.

This is NYC's biggest and best department store. If you've never been, they have EVERYTHING. And they also host a ton of fancy events and launches. Many trends start right here at Macy's so I feel right at home!

Nambe Jewelry Launch

If you're like me, you know Nambé for their home designs. For 65 years, Nambé has been developing products that bring function and style into the home. The brand also has a history of collaborating with top designers. The jewelry line is no different. Carolyn Pollack is heading up the design (she's really famous for her western-inspired jewelry). She explained that the collection is created with the stylish woman in mind and is hand crafted in America by skilled artisans. The collection draws inspiration from Nambé and Pollack’s shared Santa Fe roots.

The launch event was pretty swank. Macy’s scored the exclusive sales for the new line. Executive Vice President of Business Development Marc Mastronardi welcomed press and influencers to Macy’s Herald Square Café to look at the line.


The new Nambé line is really modern. I tried on a ton of the collection of sterling silver necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings. The pieces are dressy enough to be worn at night, but thanks to the clean lines you can wear these pieces everyday. I mean, what mom has time to change her jewelry (let alone clothes!) to take her from play to work to date night? I just love how effortlessly this collection will fit into my life. I also appreciate the way these pieces look extremely luxe, but the prices range from $95 – $550.

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I have to say, the rings caught my eye first. I love the western inspiration--these are statement rings for sure. I love how the designer Carolyn Pollack uses semi-precious stones, such as smokey quartz and mother of pearl. Which one would you pick?


I couldn't stay away from this stacked ring. I can imagine wearing it everywhere. Like all jewelry, it's made from 925 Sterling Silver and is so lustrous. What's extra special about Nambé is that it's Rhodium plated for a tarnish-resistant finish. That means that you don't have to get out your polishing cloth quite so often (again, no mama has time for that).


Oh, the bracelets are great too. I like stacking them. And let's not forget the pendants. Pick from either a sterling silver chain or black leather cord.


You can see I had a great time playing around. I can't wait to share how I styled them. That's coming up soon!

Head to one of the 400 Macy’s to shop in store or head to to see the Nambé Jewelry Collection. The collection is also available at and Nambé stores

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