Keep Those Hands Toasty with Muffatees


Getting kids to keep their gloves/mittens on is an Olympic sport--and a costly one at that. How many times have you done battle with your tot to get those tiny mitten on, only to have them tossed asunder a few minutes into the outing?

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I'm banking on these Muffatees from Go Baby to solve some of my problems. These hand-knit hand warmers are quite clever. They fit over the hand and wrist with a thumb peek-a-boo hole. Since they are colorful, kids are naturally inclined to keep them around. Thanks to the designs featuring bright solids, jaunty stripes and fun prints there's something for every taste. Plus, they give little hands the freedom to use fingers to pick up treasures like sticks, leaves and insects.

The Muffatee is made from soft alpaca wool and come in bright colors and prints. Three sizes are on offer: toddler (4.5" inches), child (7") and adult (9"). My girl likes the fact that she and Mom have matching cold-weather gear--another incentive for her to keep her Muffatees in place. Prices range from $16 - $20.

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