Kangol Caps for Boys

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Hats are back! I'm not talking about winter woolen caps, I'm talking about stylish toppers for little men. Right now I'm loving the assortment from Kangol. The kids' woolplayer hat turns a so-so ensemble into something special.
Pick from four colors and sizes S-M-L. ($38). Take note Aunties and Grandmas--this will go over much better than a itchy sweater as a gift. For the moms, I would tell you to add this to your holiday shopping list, but I would have a hard time not giving this to my son immediately--it's so suave.

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Another can't miss is the traditional wool Kangol Wool 504 cap ($30). Momtrends adores the jaunty bubble gum colors for girls, but since this post is for the little men, I'm showing the cap in the tobacco color.

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