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I have two very discerning, fashion conscious kids in my house. We are in need of cool glasses for kids - styles they want to wear to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun.

It's pretty easy for my daughter to dress herself to the hilt and layer on accessories (yes, my 3 year old may be a bling-aholic), but it's a little tougher for my son to find enough interesting things with which to accent his personal style.

My kids were insanely excited to get samples of the new Eyes Cream Shades , never mind that they each already have several pairs of sunglasses. Even before they saw the glasses, the various confection-related names had them at hello. My son got to try out Liquorice Fudge, a pair from the Fudge line, which features big aviator style lenses framed with opaque plastic frames. My boy felt very cool in the black framed aviator shades with white racer stripes! My little girl's pair was the very fabulous Strawberry Grape from the Iced Flavors line, which features narrow rectangular frames framed with clear colored plastic in what can only be described as vibrant pastels--Strawberry Grape is definitely the standout because the frames are pink and the temples and earpieces are purple. What more could a little girl want?

My daughter loved hers so much that she wore hers everywhere (even at home!) and managed to lose them before I could even snap a picture (the sobs were heard around the world :(

My son keeps his in the front pocket of his backpack all the time so that he can whip them out for instant 'cool' any time. He's been particularly thrilled that they aren't the neon-armed cookie cutter drugstore sunglasses that all his friends have.

As a mom concerned with protecting my children's eyes, I was happy to see that Eyes Cream Shades lenses offer 100% UVA & UVB protection and are polycarbonate, which makes them shatter proof.

Now who wants to help me find my daughter's missing pair?

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