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Mother's Day is on its way and we want to share the Love Mom Jewelry Collection. There's no need to tell you this. It's usually preceded by dreams of luxurious breakfasts in bed (with mimosas), having someone else fix the boo boos and diapers as you leave for a full day at the spa, enjoying a candlelight dinner upon your return, and of course lovemaking with hubs until dawn because the monitor is turned off.

Sometimes the actual day is just that much of a dream. Then there was the one Mother's Day I spent cleaning puke off the floor that my husband and child had both deposited there...lovingly of course. Guess that one wasn't my Mother's Day.

No matter what I'm doing (or cleaning up) on May 13, I will love my mom and I will love being a mom. Sense a theme? If you're as blessed as I am, love = mom.

Hence Brighton's new Love Mom Collection, perfect for Mother's Day or anytime you want to show appreciation for that special lady in your life. There's a circular pendant necklace and a key fob (because we all know how finding your keys in a big giant trendy bag is a lot easier if there's a fob involved).

love mom bracelet

My favorite in the line is the silver-plated Hinged Bangle bracelet (take note, oh loving husband of mine, since our loving daughter can't really read yet).

Sweet words are etched on this bangle as a tribute to the things that make a woman a 'mom'?...because we all know it's not just having the baby, it's what you do with that baby that makes you a mom. Cherished, unconditional, caring, generous, devoted, hero...I would like to think I'm all of these things. Not at once, mind you. I'm a mom--not a miracle.

It has a magnetic hinged closure, so it'll stay on your wrist. And it's dotted with Swarovski crystal for some extra sparkle.

Much like mom, it's not meant to be worn 24/7. So, give your beautiful piece a break once in a while. And enjoy your day. No matter what you do.

Brighton's Love Mom Hinged Bangle is available at for $36.

Momtrends was not paid for this post. We did receive samples for review purposes.

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