Bottoms Up 4 Kids Belt Review

BU4K pink rhinestone

I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm guessing my daughter will be the same way. This will not prove to be a good thing as she gets older, especially when crazy aunt so-and-so gives her a snowman sweater for Xmas. Smile and thank her nicely, dear.

Now she'??s literally wearing her heart on her waist. A little hot pink rhinestone one. On metallic pink belt.

Bottoms Up 4 Kidshas these darling slide-off buckles that you can interchange with additional belts. They'??re mix-and-matchy for interchangeable styles for kids 1 to 14, from tame one-color notions or stripes for classic kids to camo or skull straps for that hard-core playtime. Buy one buckle and a ton of belts and you'??ll never question whether they'??ll have coordinating styles.


Of course, my little fashionista was drawn to pretty in pink, but there are also monograms, stars, cars, peace signs and various superheros fighting for said peace. If she had seen the butterfly belt with its fluttery love, I think that would have been her top choice.

These have never been my favorite kind of belt buckles. When I was a kid in the '??80s, the Army supply store was where to get your belts during the '??soldier'? fashion phase (ID jackets, canteens covers as purses, etc.). The Army belts had these same little silver sliding catches that seemed to require a little work to get a good hold. But the Bottoms Up buckles are so cute and the belts so sparkly that I'??m blinded to this issue. Besides she likes it, wearing it over everything from dresses to pants to tutus to PJs. Yes, PJs. And you can see on my face how happy that makes me.

The belts with buckles are available for $15-$25 at Additional belt straps are available for $7.

Cheryl Fenton is a Boston-based freelance writer, who writes beauty, fashion and fitness for Boston Common, Stuff and Glamour magazines, as well as her own was not paid for this post. We did get samples.

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