4 Unique Personalized Gifts


Everyone loves a personalized gift. Whether it's for a birthday, anniversary, or other holiday, adding a touch of personalization heightens the entire gift giving experience. While it's somewhat easy now to order anything with a name, I wanted to give my recipients something a little more unique this year. Here are 4 different ways to give a personalized gift that's not your everyday, ordinary present.

Personalized Light Board


The Heidi Swapp Lightbox is a fun gift that leaves the personalization up to the recipient. Great for dorms, book shelves, offices, or pretty much anywhere, this is a gift that keeps on giving. With hundreds of letter fonts as well as different display options, anyone who wants to amp up their Instagram game will be grateful.

Personalized Sweaters


A cozy sweater makes the best holiday gift. You can choose from an array of schools, graduation years, styles, and mascots from Hillflint. Or you can create a totally custom look. Most are under $100 and are only crafted from the finest materials. I love the idea of gifting these to friends and family. My dad is a proud graduate and still supports his college. I know he's going to love getting this sweater that he can wear with dignity that's not something grabbed from the school store.


Personalized Glasses


Do you have a special place where you find solace? Maybe you and your significant other share a spot you grab coffee. Wherever the place, the folks at North By Northeast know their latitudes and longitudes. Give them a spot in the world and they will exactly pinpoint the location and put it on their glassware. These glasses also make perfect gifts for a boss or coworker. (Put the location of their office!)

Personalized Pens


The lost art of letter writing is making a comeback. Cross Pens have been around since 1846 (older than MontBlanc!) and are reinventing their brand to include all inclusive as well as luxury writing instruments. From Marvel and Star Wars themed pens to stunning city landscapes, there's a Cross Pen for anyone. Of course, don't forget to get them engraved. Sure you can add their name, but what about a special phrase, coordinate, or nickname that only you and the recipient knows? There's also a pen that gives back. Check out all their amazing pens and I guarantee you'll find the perfect one. 

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