Trendy Thursday: Sex and the City Style


NYC is gearing up for Sex and the City 2 (click here for a preview) in May. And Momtrends has a fabulous scoop to share. I admit to loving the fashions in the first movie and in all the HBO episodes. Since my days as a Madison Avenue fashion maven are done, I live vicariously through Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte as they score all the major labels. In honor of the ladies I want to share two giveaways a drool-worthy craft project.

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First contest--a chance to come to my city and go to the premiere. Vogue is sponsoring the contest and it runs through April 30. Go here to enter. If you win, you'd better email me and treat me to a glass of champagne on the rooftop of the Ganesvoort Hotel.

Now let's talk shoes and bags. What got me thinking about SATC and high-priced accessories is this incredible new Fendi bag. Normally I'm more of a shoe girl, but get a Fendi Baguette Needlepoint Kit. They call it "craft couture," we call is genius. For $995 you get everything you need to make your own signature Fendi baguette.It's kind of like Etsy for the Upper East Side doyennes. So very Charlotte don't you think?

For seasons and seasons Carrie only carried Fendi bags and wore Manolos. While you and I might not splurge for a Fendi (oh that pesky college tuition that looms), we might just be able to score some free footwear. Berdgorf is hosting a $5,000 Manolo Blahnik (Carrie's favorite) shopping spree. Now what are the odds I can win tickets to the premiere and the Manolos too? Good luck ladies.

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