Syncing Your Style: Fitness Tools for New Moms


Getting back in shape after having a baby can be a bit of a challenge. You need to first find the motivation, fit it into your busy schedule and then when you get over those two hurdles, you'll need to muster up the energy! But getting back in shape doesn't have to be just another thing on your "to-do" list. I have rounded up some savvy fitness tools to get you back in shape, one day at a time.

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Fitness wearables are all the rage. Azumio is the leader of not only recording your fitness data but organizing and analyzing it so that it actually helps you make sense of all the collected data. Azumio, the leader in biofeedback health and wellness apps, introduced a new watch that has an integrated heart rate monitor, detects when you've switched from walking to running, and encourages you to achieve your goals through a progress bar on the home screen. The watch syncs via Bluetooth to Azumio's new Argus app to give you the big picture on your health.

Now even the busiest new mom has time to work in some quick excercises during her daily routine. Simply stick your Fitness Flower Bathroom Begonia to your vanity and BAM! six easy to do exercises that you do while you're going through your beauty's that for multitasking?

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NATHAN's is known for its attractive, performance driven, and innovative fitness accessories to aid you in keeping up with your fitness goals. Some of our new favorite fitness gadgets include: LightBender, An incredibly lightweight and comfortable LED band, the LightBender wraps around your arm to provide 360-degree visibility to keep you seen and safe while exercising. Sonic Boom, a sleek armband that offers an easy-touch window and has an ergological™ design that integrates NDurAthletic™ and moisture-wicking material. The Phantom Pak Training Pak & Belt~Sleek and classic bounce-free design with a pleated, weather-resistant pocket to keep valuables secure and stable from start to finish.

Nothing makes this new mama happy quite like a morning yoga class. I love that I can nourish my soul, cleanse my mind and workout my body. One thing is for sure, if I am not prepared, as in have everything right by the door, Yoga is not happening. I love that I can store my Yoga mat in my Tree of Wisdom Cargo-Yoga Mat bag, throw it over my shoulder (while carrying my baby!) and I am off! The front pocket stores my keys and cell and this inspiring bag keeps whatever sticks to the mat off of me and keeps my mat clean and protected as well. Long gone are the days of baggy t's and sweats, now you can look fabulous while meeting your fitness goals with the stylish line of innovative fitness apparel by Turn it on Fitness. A few of my favorite things include the sexy Karma Top, the Striker pant that can take you from studio to story hour without looking sloppy and the Reformer Jacket, with its color blocking, invisible zippers and contrasting fabrics is great for the fickle weather. Turn it On Fitness is where fashion meets fitness and keeps you looking stylish long after your workouts are over.

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After lifting, carrying and nursing baby all day long, my muscles need a good stretch to release the tension and fully allow my body to relax. I love the Multi Grip Stretch Strap to take my stretch a little beyond where I am able to go independently for increased range of motion and flexibility.

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I love to try innovative techniques that improve my overall wellness (especially if they take as little as ten minutes a day!) The MELT Method, simulates the hands-on techniques that manual therapist and author Sue Hitzmann uses to eliminate accumulated stress, pain, and dysfunction. The techniques are easy to learn and work effectively to rehydrate connective tissue, which allows the body to release long-held tension. Perfect for reducing neck and shoulder strain from breastfeeding and holding baby as well as improving the quality of shorted sleep hours and supporting natural weight loss.

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