Three Top Fall Nail Polish Colors

Let me start by saying that I went on a bit of a manicure hiatus this summer. We were selling our home and it seemed like I was always cleaning, packing or tackling some kind of home fix-up type project, so my nails were constantly getting wrecked. It just made more sense to hold off on the polish until my hands could take a breather. Well, I’m happy to say that we sold our house and are officially moved into the new one, so mama’s ready to celebrate! And I do believe I’ll do so by splurging on a luxurious mani/pedi. My friend Megan over at Take Time for Style always has fresh lookin’ nails, so I turned to her for some sure fire fall beauty inspiration in the form of three top fall nail polish colors..

After seeing the gorgeous manis, I decided that they are three fall nail polish colors that I simply must partake in this season and I’m talking sooner rather than later. This girl’s nails have been bare long enough. They’re ready to make a statement again!

Fall Nail Polish Colors

fall nail polish colors

1. Bright…A tomato red mani has always been a favorite of mine and this fall I feel no different. No matter what you’re wearing, your look is instantly brightened up by that pop of color.

Bright to try…Deborah Lippman in It’s Raining Men

vampy mani

2. Deep…While a bright red polish might be more classic holiday for you, a deep berry or burgundy hue definitely always fits for fall. There’s a vampy vibe that comes with a mani in this color range that I just dig.

Deep to try…Dior Vernis Gel Shine & Long Wear Nail Lacquer in Nuit

fall nail polish trends

3. Dark…Say you aren’t exactly feeling sassy or vampy, but instead want to go an edgier route. That’s when you bring the uber dark shades out to play. Nothing says moody mama like an almost black mani.

Dark to try…Nars Iconic Color Nail Polish in Back Room (Get it before it sells out!)

So, there you have it. Those are my top three fall nail polish colors to try. Ok, they may not so much be trends as more my likes, but hey, I figured you might like them too. Haha! So, tell me…Which vibe are you drawn to…bright, deep or dark?!

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