New Anti-Aging Skincare Must Haves

Some people knit for a hobby. I try out anti-aging products. Bwah! I’m only kind of kidding. I test anti-aging skincare like it’s my job. Ok, it sort of IS my job. Haha! But seriously, even if it wasn’t up to me to bring you the latest and greatest in anti-aging skincare must haves, I would still be turning to new products on the regular because I’m that much of a beauty junkie. Hey, I’m in my thirties and aim to stay looking like I am for a while. Anti-aging products play a big role in that mission. In fact, I recently came across some new products that you just might want to add to your own anti-aging skincare routine too!

Top Anti-Aging Skincare Picks


Serum…Moisturizer alone might have been enough in your twenties, but if you’re in your thirties or beyond and haven’t added a serum to your skincare regimen yet, it’s time. The Time Postponing Cocktail Serum from NERD contains collagen AND hyaluroinc acid which work anti-aging wonders by fighting fine lines, discoloration loss of elasticity etc.


Cream…And better yet, add a serum AND a cream! NERD’s Cellular Intelligence Time Postponing System includes the serum I already mentioned as well as a cream that helps build on the anti-aging action by strengthening  your precious skin and helping it defend itself against the harshness your environment throws at it every day.


Booster…Also in the serum land is the ZENMED L-Ascorbic Booster. This Vitamin C packed product can help you fight dark spots and plump up your skin making it look younger and firmer. And we can’t forget the smoother, improved texture. Much like hyaluronic acid, vitamin c is one of my favorite anti-aging ingredients!


Mask…Now even if you’re using the proper anti-aging products, if your skin isn’t in great shape, it isn’t going to look as glowing as youthful as it could. If you have a lot of redness in your skin, for example, you might want to try a product that will specifically treat that. Often times, those of us with sensitive skin deal with redness and ZENMED’s Anti-Redness Mask will help calm down that inflammation.


Moisturizer...And the most important anti-aging product of all is a moisturizer with sunscreen. Not only does the Skin Protecting Lotion with SPF 30 have SPF, but it’s calming so it will help tackle any redness issues too. That and the Ant-Redness Mask are quite the dream team. And can we talk about how it dries with a matte finish? Say goodbye to shininess!

new anti-aging skincare

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