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Packing for Your Period: There’s a Tampax for That

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I travel a lot. In fact, I usually have a carry-on bag partially packed and ready to go with my necessities and toiletries. As an experienced traveler, you can bet I always have emergency supplies like tampons and liners on me. I thought I had this “packing for your period” thing down. But even a road-warrior like myself still gets things wrong. That’s why I adore working with Tampax. There’s no guilt—just good information to get me where I need to go, looking great and feeling confident.

In March, I headed to Cincinnati to the P&G headquarters to get up to speed on all things period related at the fEMPOWER Network event. You’d think after having my period for 30 years that I would be an expert by now…NOPE! The real experts are the geniuses behind Tampax. Since 1936 (FYI that’s when the first Tampax tampon arrived), Tampax has been at the forefront of consumer education. Here’s what didn’t surprise me: Tampax is the #1 tampon brand in the world and that about 70% of us women use tampons each month.

Here’s what did surprise me: Lots of people don’t know how to use a tampon and many of us are using them wrong. To get to the heart of the matter, I opened a slew of tampons to see what’s inside to get an idea of how they control the flow. Tampax goes to great lengths to design a tampon that has you covered. They even developed a Tampax LeakGuard Braid™—the string is actually designed to to help stop leaks before they happen by channeling fluid back into the core.

The question is: WHICH tampon you should use and when? The key is to match your flow to the absorbency of the tampon (did you know that 50% of tampon users have a leak each month?). Here’s what I used to do…I’d grab a big ol’ fistfull of super absorbency Tampax tampons and stash them in a plastic bag in my carry-on. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t ideal.

Now that I’m better educated, I pack smarter. I know that Tampax offers a full line-up of period protection products that can suit my life. As I packed for Dallas (my most recent work trip), I tucked in tampons with two different absorbencies PLUS some Always liners.

TIP: When your flow slows, switch up to a less absorbent tampon. This will make the removal process more comfortable. 

Tampons were invented in 1936 and back then there was just one absorbency. Thankfully, I was born long after the advent of tampons. But that doesn’t mean my mom knew all the answers or that, when I was a girl, my mom was comfortable discussing period flow and feminine care with me. I found out most things from girlfriends and trial and error—and by error, I mean having embarrassing leaks on my white Guess jeans in high school.

My Big Mistake

Purchasing a big box of super tampons to get me through my 6-day period.

The Solution

Packing a variety of perfectly sized products to manage my flow.

Here’s what I packed for my busy weekend in Dallas: The Tampax Pocket Pearl and Always Radiant Liners. The Tampax Pearl features FormFit™ technology. That means I don’t have to worry about leaks on my new jeans! The Tampax tampons expand width-wise so they eliminate gaps that cause leaks. The compact design takes about half the space of a normal tampon. Just expand the Tampax Pocket Pearl applicator out until you hear the click and then insert as normal. Like all Tampax Pearl designs, this one has a comfortable plastic applicator. When I get the Duo Pack, I know I am getting the two tampon absorbencies I’ll need to get me through my cycle.

Three travel tips for packing when you have your period

Three Tips for Packing for Your Period

Bring a few more tampons than you need. You never know when you might make a new friend because you’re carrying an extra tampon

Panty liners are a great way to give yourself an extra boost of confidence and they don’t take up much space.

Opt for the Tampax Pocket Pearl tampon—it offers the same Tampax Pearl protection but it’s compact, has a cute wrapper and can fit in any bag that you’re carrying on your travels.

I’ve been thinking about prepping for periods more than ever as my daughters get ready for middle school and junior high. I don’t want anything to slow them down. They should know that there is a P&G product for every day to help them (and me) feel strong and confident (or more on confidence check out this post on the #LikeAGirl program).

travel to Dallas

Let’s be real about travel. It used to be a lot more fun. Nowadays, I derive fun by working a few things into every trip. Here are my three girlfriend travel tips:

Always bring workout gear. Even if you are only away for 24 hours you never know when delays are going to hit. When you have a great workout shoe on hand you can either go for a walk or hit the gym to blow off some steam.

Pack all your toiletries in a carry-on. I’ve now had bags lost or left behind three times. I can’t survive without my skincare products and I definitely don’t want to hunt down my favorite Tampax tampons on the road. I know what I like and I want to have it with me. I usually put Tampax Pearl Radiant in my toiletry bag. This product not only looks as cute as my chic toiletry bag, it also features a unique re-sealable and quiet wrapper (it doesn’t make that tell-tale tampon crinkle when you unwrap it).

Check out the free culture. When travel delays hit, I am as bummed as the next person. No one likes feeling stranded, but how you deal with a delay is up to you. I love museums so when I recently got waylaid in Dallas, I googled “free Dallas museum” and found out that the Dallas Art Museum is mostly free. I walked there, soaked in some culture and then had a picnic on the lawn.

TIP: Most museums have lovely cafes—they are a perfect spot to people watch.

Armed with a great attitude and Tampax supplies, you can turn a trip into an adventure.

This is a sponsored post. I’m proud to team up with Tampax to spread the word about not letting your period slow you down.

  • Kristina Pache-Ferency

    I I hate being on my period. I use Tampax Pearl tampons and Always pads to double up and feel comfortable and protected.

  • KatieCarlson721

    I love the cute bag you pack your supplies in. It’s good to have options when you’re traveling because you want to be comfortable.

  • Melissa Chapman

    Not the topic I love hearing about but great tips after all somebody has to do it. You have ideas I never thought about but now I can be more comfortable.

  • It is so important to make sure you have a variety with you. i feel like you never really know 100% what you will need, so having some options is always a great thing.

  • Totally agree! I remember when I was having my period (I have an implant that as my bc, and it has stopped my periods), I always carried several different sizes for different flows, because you never knew when it was going to change.

  • Yes, this is important and so helpful. My periods were never the same and so different sizes were a must in my backpack or locker.

  • I agree with the need for variety.
    Thanks for the good travel advice!

  • Jeanine @ sixtimemommy.com

    I love the packaging. My girls will be starting their periods soon and I know this will be one thing they really enjoy, and will be abele to tote around with them in case!

  • I am so thankful for my IUD and not having a period. BUT this education is so important and needs to be shared. So I’m glad your writing about it!

  • I agree that for travel, a variety box is best!! I also love that they are small, discreet and easy to carry or excuse yourself to the ladies’ room with.

  • I used to just buy a box of regulars to get me through a
    cycle. But, I learned over time that having variety at your fingertips keeps
    you prepared for anything.

  • Brenda Harris Haire

    Great tips! I have my go tos and my daughter does too. We always make sure we have at least one in our purse, car and then prepared when traveling. I usually leave some in my suitcase all the time! A girl has to be prepared!

  • Christine Cox

    It never fails that when you need to travel, your friend is going to travel along with you. Being prepared with a variety of things is your best bet because who knows what you’re going to be doing along the trip!

  • Amanda Love

    I am loving your travel tips! It’s not easy to be a woman, when you travel you have to make sure that you have everything that you need, including tampons or sanitary napkins.

  • Jean Standley

    Some really great travel tips! As a woman, most of us can’t escape periods so its always good to be prepared – there’s nothing worse than having a leak! I prefer sanitary towels over tampons, and know there are a wide variety of them too.

  • Great tips. I always pack these products when I travel because not having them is so much worse than carrying along a “just in case” bag!

  • I’m good about remembering to keep tampons and panty liners in my purse, but sometimes I forget to pack them in my suitcase. These are some great tips for making traveling with your period a bit less challenging.

  • Missy Burson

    I learned the tampon game twenty years ago thank God, and how to pack them. Timing an irregular period has been my thorn, but the pink pad app helps!

  • I don’t use tampons because my body just doesn’t agree with them but I use the exact same method for pads. And I totally agree that the biggest mistakes on my period travels was packing just the all nighters haha. Never again! x

  • Nikki Arnold

    I am thankful that I don’t get mine anymore since I am on the IUD. No matter what I would always get leaks even from a super. I do think you need to have a variety of types and sizes though!

  • I don’t have to deal with my periods for several months because of my pregnancy. These are really great tips.