Spring Style Update and $150 Target Gift Card Giveaway

With the coming of each season, I love to add a few new pieces to my wardrobe. Even if I’m not doing a total wardrobe refresh, it’s fun to try to tap into the newest trends and see how they can play with the pieces already in my closet. So, I’ve definitely been thinking about this year’s spring style update, but I didn’t want to spend an arm and a leg on it. You see, as my children have gotten older, and more expensive (haha), I’ve noticed that I think more carefully about my own purchases and whether they’ll really get enough wear to make the spend worthwhile. I’ve also come across a few tricks along the way that help me save. And one of my favorite ways to save is with RetailMeNot.

off the shoulder dress

At Retailmenot.com I can search for deals for the places I already know I want to shop at and I’ve even come across some deals that weren’t necessarily in my plans, but too good to pass up! I’m talking about an online resource where you can literally find thousands of coupons, promo codes, cash back offers and even discount egift cards, which are delivered to your email and backed by a 100 day guarantee. Mark this down for the next time you want to buy a present and settle on a gift card. Why not save when you’re snagging said gift card? But I digress…These e-gift cards can be MORE than gifts. Hey, you could even pick one up to update your own spring style like I did! And then if you combine it with another offer, you’ll be in for some serious savings.

espadrille wedges

cat eye sunglasses

spring style

Let me walk you through an example of how you could save on some new spring pieces like the ones I chose at Target. First, you could pick up a $50 Target egift card with a 5% savings. Then you could combine it with an offer like this $15 off a $75 clothing purchase deal and, finally, there might even be another deal available like $5 off $50 select items+free shipping. Add all that up, and you could save enough to put even more spring style must haves into your basket. *Now it’s important that you make sure to check out all the deals from the retailer you’re shopping at BEFORE you check out. You don’t want to throw money away!

target deal

retailmenot deal


Just look at the gorgeous spring pieces I was able to score at Target for a song. The off the shoulder trend is still hot hot hot this season and a breezy print dress is a fun way to wear it. Plus, this print goes perfectly with my new neutral espadrille wedges. These are the kind of shoes that will give you serious bang for your buck since you can style them a million and one different ways. And a flowy gauze peasant blouse is just what we’ll all need when the temps warm up, but we still want to look pulled together. I can already see how I’ll wear this embroidered beauty. Can’t you? And just think of how much more I would have paid for my spring style update without RetailMeNot deals!

spring fashion

On that note, we want to help you with your spring style update too, so we’re giving away a $150 Target e-gift card! Happy shopping…and don’t miss out on the savings you can score at Retailmenot! Your wallet will thank you!

spring style update

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