Shopping Your Closet

Shopping Your Closet

This year’s fashion theme is Shopping Your Closet. I want to inspire you to use your time and money well. When it come to fashion, I’m not like other bloggers pushing you to buy, buy buy. I promise in 2017 my fashion posts and instagram posts will be about making the most out of what you already own and SHOPPING SMART.

Yes, companies pay me to feature them. I will do my part to pick the best of the best to work with and integrate my new finds with things I already own. I ascribe to the Marie Kondo theory that things don’t bring you joy, but being organized will. When you go in your closet you should feel GREAT about the options.

For this outfit, I was sent a new dress from cabi. I added in my favorite boots (featured MANY times on Momtrends), a favorite leather jacket from Ralph Lauren (this motorcycle jacket is from a sample sale I went to back in 1998) and a scarf I ordered from a cabi consultant.

The dress is a bit too thin for cold days in NYC, that’s why I layered on the scarf and jacket. I will also add navy or gray tights as the the temps dip further so I can wear this all through winter.

Shopping Your Closet Rules

1.) Will I wear this for more than a year?
2.) Does it fit flawlessly?
3.) Does it work with things I already own?
4.) Does it do something UNIQUE for my wardrobe?
5.) Does it replace something I already own and can give away?

Shopping Your Closet

If the answer is yes, GO FOR IT! Let’s hold each other accountable this year! Let’s shop smart and dress fabulous without having closets that make us break out in hives.

These are my goals for the year and I’m so glad you’re with me. Today Cheryl from Oh to Be a Muse will host our LAST meet up. Be sure to visit and then keep coming back for more fashion inspiration each Monday.

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  • I believe you should love EVERYTHING in your closet…and wear 100 percent of it…when I do closet makeovers for clients, that is ALWAYS my end goal. Great idea to shop your closet- I always cleanout/giveaway/donate/consign in January- and start to make room for my new “smart” purchases for the season ahead.

  • ADA

    Shopping my closet is my motto for 2017 too. Love that you are doing this. The dress, jacket and scarf are lovely. Welcome by and check out the latest Nicole. Thanks and Happy New Year 2017!! <3 Ada.