My Family’s Favorite Holiday Tradition

No matter how the year has treated us, my family always looks forward to the holidays. It’s a time that we can show appreciation to one another for the support we’ve felt throughout the year. And this year is no different. My mom, daughter and I made it a point to schedule in a few of our annual holiday bake fests even though our calendars have been more than full this season. You’re never too busy to make time for family and I’ve found that if I don’t make sure I get in plenty of quality time in with them during the holiday season, my favorite time of year just doesn’t seem quite as magical. And baking together is my family’s favorite holiday tradition, thanks to my mama, so you can bet I’m always going to make that happen if I can…especially now that my baby girl loves it as much as we do!


holiday baking


That being said, for our first baking date we didn’t have the whole day to devote to it. We only had a few hours. Thankfully, General Mills saved the day! Not only are some of my favorite holiday ingredients General Mills products…(hello Betty Crocker and Chex!), but thanks to Pillsbury ready-made dough we were able to get some baking done with our tight time frame. Now just because we weren’t baking the dough from scratch doesn’t mean we couldn’t put our own personal touch on our sugar cookies. Get ready for the easiest cookie hack ever…When using ready-made dough like Pillsbury, roll it into little balls and then roll those balls into bowls filled with festive sprinkles and sugar. Your cookies will come out covered in holiday sparkles! This was the first year we tried that and I do believe it’s going to become a part of our tradition from here on out!

holiday tradition

holiday cookies

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  • Kelly Nelson

    I never would have thought to put the sprinkles all around! So cute! Our fave tradition is opening a gift on Christmas eve. 🙂

  • I love decorating the tree and hanging Christmas lights!

  • KateBayless

    Those turned out so great! Simple, easy and a fun family activity!

  • Laurajj

    One of my favorite traditions is our families Christmas cookie bake! We do it on the Sunday before Christmas every year…we have so much fun making all different kinds, and we all go home with some great cookies for our families!

  • Debra Holloway

    Going with my church to entertain the older individuals at the home for the aged.

  • Betsy Thomas Garrigues

    We going to our local forest and finding our tree, always an adventure.

  • chaley clark

    Favorite tradition going to church as a family.

  • Lorri Garelick Langmaid

    We have a family baking party and play games while waiting for the oven bell to ring

  • Julie Wood

    My favorite Hoiday tradtition is putting up our tree together as a family and it is so much fun to go out and get our tree and decorate together!

  • Douglas Gerard

    Having some friends over to see our holiday decor

  • janetfaye

    My favorite Hoiday tradtition is baking pies and cookies.

  • We always have a pre-Christmas Christmas with just my husband, son, and I before heading off to the grandparents for the actual day of. I love that tradition!

  • Nancy Loring

    My favorite tradition is opening one present on Christmas Eve. My kids love this and I loved it as a child.

  • Kellie

    Taking my girls to ride the Macy’s Pink Pig every Christmas in Atlanta, GA.

  • Emily Conway

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching the movie “the Santa Clause” ? with my family!

  • mami2jcn

    I love decorating the tree.

  • chrissiemz

    My Favorite Holiday tradition is baking with my Sister and daughter. We always have so much fun. We bake for so many goodies for our whole family.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    We love decorating the tree together!

  • Melanie

    We make fudge!

  • Jeanna johnson

    One of our traditions is going to our town’s local tree lighting festival!

  • Allyson F.

    We love going out and looking at all the awesomely decorated houses!

  • JackieV

    My favorite holiday tradition is our family Christmas morning breakfast.
    Thank you!

  • Paol Trenny

    Roasting chestnuts on an open fire with my family.

  • ShannonAnne23

    We wear Santa hats to open gifts

  • My Favorite Holiday tradition is putting up the Christmas tree with my mom.

  • Kim H. Holsapple

    Driving around to look at decorations

  • Casandra LaMonaca

    Baking cookies is my passion.

  • Tracy Shafer

    My favorite tradition is having a party on Christmas Eve with my husband, mom, sisters and their families. We have lots of food, games and gifts! I will miss it for the 2nd year in a row..I moved from Ohio to Oregon last September, so it’s been rough not seeing my family!

  • Becca

    One tradition we have that i love is we hang an ornament each day that reminds us of Jesus.

  • Marcia Semones

    My favorite holiday tradition is we always drive around to see the lights then come home and watch Christmas movies eating treats we made earlier in the day.

  • Meaghan Flanagan Angle

    I enjoy just spending time with my family

  • seeing the rockettes at radio city music hall

  • Lauren Peterson

    My favorite tradition is getting KFC on Christmas Eve. I have absolutely no idea how this tradition started, but I love how random it is, lol.

  • lissa crane

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating our Christmas tree! We play fun holiday music, tell stories about the ornaments, and share lots of laughs! I look forward to it every year! Now I just have to figure out how to make taking it down as much fun!

  • Tiffany C

    Decorating the tree together, driving around to see the christmas lights and ice skating together!

  • lee mckoen

    My favorite is the local Christmas parade and tree lighting!

  • Katrin Jarvis

    Just getting ready for Christmas in general, putting up all teh decorations and getting in the mood together as a family.

  • Marilyn Nawara

    My favorite tradition is the Christmas Party with my brother and sisters — every year we have a family party the weekend before Christmas. Everyone has a great time… food, drinks, gifts and games.

  • Mariya “Masha” Levtonyuk

    Going looking at the lights and baking cookies for neighbors!

  • Emily Endrizzi

    My favorite holiday tradition is playing a game together as a family on Christmas seven.

  • Val

    We have Christmas Eve dinner with my husband’s family and then go to the late candlelight service at 10 PM. Then we visit with my family Christmas Day. 🙂

  • HS kraftmaking

    I love baking sugar cookies with my family.

  • Michelle Bartley

    Watching my Grandaughters’ open their gifts!

  • debbiewelchert

    Making Christmas cookies with my granddaughter is my favorite holiday tradition.

  • Elena

    my favorite tradition is to bake Christmas cookies

  • Bernadette N

    I love getting together with family on Christmas Eve for dinner and gifts!

  • Sharon Haas

    For me it’s all about the decorating! I love to unpack all my holiday things and decide where they should go this year!

  • Bo

    We love decorating the tree together! Each ornament holds a memory for our family.

  • D Schmidt

    We love to bake cookies together on Christmas Eve

  • Jordan Troublefield

    Listening to Christmas music while baking pecan fudge and shortbread with my mom!

  • Harmony at Momma To Go

    I am a huge fan of Christmas Eve, church, food and a Christmas story

  • Cindy

    We open presents Christmas morning.

  • Angelica Cassandra Dimeo

    I like opening gifts with my kids

  • Rosie

    My mom started it with decorating the tree with everything edible, strung popcorn & cranberries, decorated cookies in saran wrap with ribbon, candy canes, popcorn balls, bags of chocolate coins, and so many other yummies! No problem getting us to take down the tree and nibble on everything!

  • Bridget Heiple Reich

    My favorite holiday tradition is spending time with family. We have my husbands family on Christmas Eve and my family on Christmas Day. It’s just so nice to have everyone at our house and my kids get to enjoy everything in their own space! 🙂

  • calmond

    We love to make and eat appetizers and snacks and watch movies on Christmas Eve! <3

  • onyiakpanisi

    We usually visit family out of town.

  • Daniel M

    watching all the holiday movies together

  • dholcomb1

    leaving cookies and milk for Santa

  • arress

    Our favorite holiday tradition is opening one gift on Christmas Eve.

  • Jackie Preas

    Getting things ready for family.Baking.Cooking all their favorite things.

  • bellagirl07

    My favorite holiday tradition is to decorate and to bake a lot of goodies.

  • Stephanie Phelps

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with all the kids and then decorating them. we do this for a whole week!

  • Heather ツ

    Making Eggnog Cheesecake! (Rosie A)

  • Misty

    Watching Holiday movies together.

  • Kimberly Flickinger

    My fine is cooking with my mother & drive to see the lights.

  • elizabeth m

    My favorite holiday tradition is the Sunday before christmas, everyone stays in their pjs all day and we all hang out in the den watching Christmas movies. No electronics allowed and we order out for dinner.

  • khmorgan_00

    My favorite holiday tradition is picking out our Christmas tree.

  • Lauren

    My mom always makes a yule log cake for Christmas.

  • hicksfan7

    One of my favorite Christmas traditions is our family’s Beer Cheese soup w/popcorn on Christmas Eve.

  • cyndi br

    favorite holiday tradition is making pizzelle cookies every year

  • jalapenomama

    Each holiday season my sis and I see a Christmas show or play.
    My favorite tradition.
    Last night we Rock n’ Roll Christmas – fantastic!
    form name Barbara Montag
    thank you

  • shellypeterson

    My favorite tradition is baking with the kids.

  • Ada Miller

    One of my favorite traditions is making cookies and a new ornament for the tree each year.

  • Amanda Alvarado

    We attend the Children’s Christmas Eve mass and watch our daughter sing with the choir.

  • wildflower00

    baking goodies with the kids

  • Julie Lundstrom

    I like decorating the Christmas tree with my kids and baking Christmas cookies with my kids.

  • MnLady

    I love making cookies!

  • Laura

    I love just spending time with my family. It’s the best!

  • Natalie J. Vandenberghe

    Baking sugar cookies with my kids and attending a performance of Handel’s “Messiah”

  • Jeff Rothrock

    Making the prim rib

  • Gina Ferrell

    My favorite holiday tradition is watching all the Christmas movies with my daughter and baking Christmas cookies.

  • Lisa Brown

    My favorite tradition is watching holiday movies

  • Louly McButter

    I love a good White Elephant gift exchange

  • Bridgett Wilbur

    We love to string popcorn for the Christmas tree.

  • Natalie

    My favorite tradition is making a gingerbread house with my family.

  • Donna C.

    Decorating our tree with ornaments we collected throughout the years

  • Elle

    Baking holiday cookies!

  • Lesley F

    Decorating the tree with my family

  • Tiffanynichole89

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting up early Christmas morning and opening up presents.

  • Janet Watson

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking and decorating gingerbread men and women cookies with my grandsons!

  • Seyma Shabbir

    My favorite is anything with baking! I love to cook and love to get my sons to help me!


    I like looking at everybody’s Christmas lights and decorations

  • shannon fowler

    My favorite tradition is gong to christmas eve service and then watching a christmas movie afterward

  • Susan

    My favorite holiday tradition is setting up our manger on Thanksgiving night and then putting Baby Jesus in the cradle on Christmas Eve night!

  • Lesh

    Every year we see Santa on Christmas Eve. My son looks forward to it.

  • Wendy Browne

    The kids open one gift on Xmas eve. It cuts down on the anxiety.

  • Leigh Anne Borders

    One of our favorite things to do on Christmas Eve is deliver baked goods to local police and fire stations.

  • sassycats

    going to Christmas Eve church services – beautiful!

  • joti b

    My favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies with family.

  • Tina W

    We do a white elephant gift exchange every year that is hilarious. This year my nephew and his wife pulled off a brilliant double gift steal that had us all in stitches.

  • Jill Rivera

    I love to bake the recipes of my dear aunt for Christmas.

  • steve weber

    My favorite holiday tradition is going out to eat on Christmas Eve.

  • Judy Nieman

    I would say going to our son’s house and he and I cooking a big Christmas dinner together.

  • Rachel Griesmer

    My favorite holiday tradition is going to church on Christmas Eve and then driving around to look at lights.

  • Sadie

    We love to make Christmas cookies for Santa.

  • Brent Strassburg

    Watching Die Hard with my dad.

  • Alona Young

    My favorite tradition is hiding the pickle ornament on the tree.

  • Abigail

    I love going to cut down a Christmas Tree and then decorating it

  • Happi Shopr

    Midnight Mass is my favorite holiday tradition.

  • Rust

    I love bringing out all the family holiday recipes and making the same dishes and goodies my grandma made.

  • Breanna Pollard


  • Brandon Sparks

    Putting up the Christmas Tree and making candy

  • bgsmama

    My favorite holiday tradition is doing our advent calendar! It’s such fun!

  • Kimberly Snyder

    Getting in the kitchen with my daughter and granddaughter to make our holiday family recipes

  • Brigitte Bauman

    My family favorite holiday tradition is to watch holiday movie marathons together.

  • markathy

    We love doing stockings

  • Gina Germane Gallagher

    I love baking cookies for Santa with my kids!

  • Diane C

    My favorite tradition we’ve carried on for over 30 years is to open stocking gifts on Christmas Eve after a holiday family dinner.

  • maggiesmith

    Baking with my boys!!

  • PhancyPheet

    My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with family on Christmas Eve

  • Susan Biddle

    My favorite holiday tradition is cooking with my mother and daughter.

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    My Favorite Holiday Tradition Is Cooking With My Family.

  • Randi COOK

    Spending time with and baking with family.

  • usnamom2014

    Making Christmas cookies with my family.

  • Tiffany Banks

    I love getting together with my family & baking Christmas cookies!

  • Thomas Murphy

    I like baking x-mas cookies.

  • Birdiebee

    My favorite holiday tradition is making Christmas morning breakfast with my whole family in a small kitchen. Way too much fun!