Holiday Tea & Cookie Decorating Party


 Start the party off right with a cute invitation like this one from Polka Dot Design!
Holiday Christmas Tea Invitation

The holidays are such a special time, but let’s face it, they can be really hectic. Between gift wrapping, hiding the Elf and holiday baking, the holidays are a lot of work for busy moms! With a sweet holiday tea party and a super easy baking kit from Betty Crocker, a holiday tea and cookie decorating party can be just the break you need from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.


Betty Crocker’s holiday baking kit comes wrapped up in a pretty package complete with everything you need to bake with your kiddos! From sugar cookie mix to spoons to a cookie cutter, the only thing you’ll need is an egg and a stick of butter! It doesn’t get  much easier than that!


The holiday baking kit from Betty Crocker lets you #getyourbettyon with all the ingredients needed to whip up fabulous holiday treats. From sugar cookie mix to frosting to oven mitts, the kit has it all! All you need are your kiddos creativity to bring the cookies to life!


Cookie decorating is a fun activity for a group of kids any time of year! To prepare the cookies to be decorated at the party, bake cookies with your child ahead of time. To create easy sugar cookies, you just use the Betty Crocker mix and add in butter and an egg. A party dress from Counting Daisies makes the perfect baking outfit for a holiday tea!


Transfer the dough to a floured cutting board and start rolling out the dough to about 1/4 inch thick, a little extra help might be needed.


Now comes the fun part! Using the gingerbread cookie cutter from the Betty Crocker kit, start cutting out little gingerbread men and placing on an ungreased baking sheet.



After baking in the oven for 5-7 minutes, your gingerbread men are ready to cool and more importantly, ready to be decorated! Set up a simple decorating station for your party including the baked cookies, sprinkles and different colored frosting made with Betty food coloring gel. CLK_1890CLK_1908 CLK_1910The kids will love getting their Betty on! From frosting to sprinkles, these cookies will almost look to good to eat!


CLK_2035 CLK_2017  Who can blame the kiddos from sneaking a quick lick of yummy frosting?


CLK_2090  CLK_2093When setting up for this fun tea party, use festive tablecloths and napkins. The colors green, pink and red are perfect for the holidays but the color combo can be used any time of year! Sparkly ornaments in a bowl and candy canes make great holiday table decorations!


Flowers are always a fun addition to any party table!

CLK_1946For an added party favor, personalized ornaments are a fun take home gift for each child!

CLK_1938Since this is a tea party, don’t be hesitant to use tea cups all around the party! Pretty white teacups from Ikea are perfect for displaying candies and snacks like these fun snowmen marshmallows also from Ikea.


CLK_1877In addition to cookie decorating, a craft station is also a fun addition to any party to keep kids busy! Michaels has a wide array of easy crafts for all ages and any time of year!  The Ikea tea cups are  great for storing small art supplies at the craft station!

CLK_1960CLK_2098 CLK_2067Set up a cute tea and hot chocolate station on Ikea’s easy to assemble rolling cart. Add in a pop of color with Ikea’s festive tan and red table runner.

 CLK_1918 CLK_1919

This festive red bowl from Ikea is perfect for storing their fun Snowmen marshmallows at the tea and hot chocolate station.

CLK_1962A tea party typically doesn’t need a lot of food, but small finger sandwiches and other light snacks are a welcome addition. Using the cookie cutter from the Betty Crocker holiday kit is a cute way to make tea sandwiches in the shape of gingerbread men.

CLK_1827CLK_1888  Light snacks like popcorn and veggies and hummus are great for an afternoon spread.



Bringing a hostess gift is always a good idea, and luckily Ikea has a mini tea set that any little girl will love.

CLK_1846CLK_1859From cookie decorating to hot chocolate, everyone will love this party! With super easy baking items from Betty Crocker and cute decor from Ikea, throwing this party will be no-stress fun for the holidays!

For more party tips and tricks, head over to Jackie Fogartie Events‘ blog!



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